The Best List of Caves in Maine

The Best List of Caves in Maine

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Caves in Maine? Maine is one of those states in the US that you would ideally visit for its natural beauty that exists in plain view. But there are many beautiful things to see beneath our feet as well. Yes, many people think that Maine is a poor destination when it comes to caving.

The Best List of Caves in Maine

Many would go to the extent of asking, are there any caves in Maine? We would say that Maine is not a caver’s paradise, but it has many small caves of different origins. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Maine

The state has tons of caves to explore, and new ones are getting explored all the time. There are all sorts of caves in Maine, such as ice caves and caves with dark histories. Most of the caves in the state require a short hike to get there, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

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Here are the top caves to visit in Maine – 

  • The Ovens
  • Moose Cave
  • Debsconeag Wilderness Ice Caves
  • Anemone Cave
  • Devil’s Den
  • Inman’s Cave
  • Murderer’s Cave
  • Grotto Cave
  • Blueberry Cave
  • Little Peaked Mountain Cave
  • Gulliver’s Hole 
  • Enchanted Cave
  • Pamola Ice Caves
  • Chimney Pond Talus Cave
  • Moose and Squirrel Cave
  • Allagash Ice Caves
  • Mahoosuc Ice Cave
  • Greenwood Ice Cave
  • Table Rock Slab Cave
  • McKenney Caves

These are some of the most well-known caves that you will find in Maine. But in case you are looking for some specific types of caves, let’s break this down a bit into different sections so that you find your perfect cave. 

The Best Caves in Maine

The Best Caves in Maine

Now you will learn about some of the top and coolest caves in the state. 

Ice Caves in Maine

These form on glaciers, due to constant freezing and thawing cycles. The caves are generally not very large but ice sculptures often decorate their walls.

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Debsconeag Wilderness Ice Caves, Millinocket

There are many ice caves in Maine, and this one is the best known among them, and for a good reason! These caves look like an icy wonderland even in the middle of summer. There is usually a metal ladder that will help you descend, but you might find the ladder fully frozen over if the temperature is low. It is better to come here equipped with a headlamp and at least two light sources, but this advice holds for all the caves. 

Allagash Ice Caves, Allagash Lakes

The Allagash Ice Caves are fissure caves that are located on the south shore of Allagash Lake. The caves are extensive, and one can find most of the formations in the more profound passages. It is one of the most frequented caves in the state, but there is little underground evidence supporting this. The main reason is that people only experience the first 50 to 100 ft as the caves are wet and cold. 

Ice Caves in Maine

Salt Caves in Maine

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Salt Caves in Maine

Sea Caves in Maine

Sandstone Sea Caves and Erosional Sea Caves are found in many places along the Maine coast. 

The Ovens, Acadia National Park

The Ovens are one of Maine’s most well-known sea caves but one of the toughest to get into. There is no parking; the surrounding land is part of private property, and, on top of that, you have to deal with the tides. The most convenient way to get to the caves is by kayak. 

Anemone Cave, Acadia National Park

The cave is hard to enter; so, one should try it only if you are super-fit and agile. One cannot access the cave until the tide is down, and make sure that you are nowhere near the cave when the tide comes back. Once you climb your way down, you will witness some beautiful tide pool action. 

Sea Caves in Maine

Natural Caves in Maine

These are caves that were formed by natural processes. They can be found in limestone, sandstone, granite, and other types of rock.

Gorham Mountain Trail, Acadia National Park

The Gorham Mountain Trail is popular in Acadia and includes several small caves that you can pop into. It isn’t easy to pinpoint the locations, but you can find it all by yourself when you take the hike. The Trail begins easily and then heads slowly up the forest. The things will become rugged as you head towards an ascent. 

Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park

Thunder Hole is one of the most visited spots in the Acadia National Park. It is a natural wonder that is located by the large staircase. As the waves rush in, the air gets forced, creating a deafening roar. Never expect to go inside this cave, but the Thunder Hole trip is worth every penny, even if it is for the thunderous sound. 

Natural Caves in Maine

Public Caves in Maine

Moose Cave, Grafton Notch State Park

The Moose Cave is named to honor the poor and not-so-lucky moose who lost her footing and went tumbling down the cave. The trail to the cave is easy to find; it meanders along a 600 ft long gorge carved through the granite by the meting water of the glaciers. The actual location of the Moose Cave is inside a 45 ft deep canyon.

The area has lots of plants and wildlife, and there is a mossy garden area just beyond the cave. One will find many people peering over the edge, but it is advisable not to do so as the floor is slippery, and you should not end up like the moose. 

Public Caves in Maine

While the state of Maine is light on caves to explore, make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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