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The Best List of Caves in New Hampshire

The Best List of Caves in New Hampshire

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The Caves in New Hampshire are a treasure trove of natural beauty and history. Some caves have been carefully preserved, while others were created by Mother Nature herself.

The Best List of Caves in New Hampshire

Caves provide a great place to explore for both children and adults alike. There is something about the darkness that creates peace and tranquility where you can meditate or just enjoy being away from society for a while.

The Best List of Caves in New Hampshire

The Granite State of New Hampshire has several caves and caverns that mountain streams and ice have carved out. There are at least 200 documented caves in New Hampshire.

The majority of these caves stay hidden among the forests and the trees, but some have become well-known attractions. The White Mountains region of the state is popular with the spelunkers, and it is possible to see multiple caves in a single day as some of the caves are close to each other.

The caves in New Hampshire are always colder than the urban areas. The temperatures are in the 40s even during summer, so people can enjoy the cool weather. However, one may run into a porcupine or raccoon here as they are common here. Unlike caves in other states, large colonies of bats are not present here as the environment is not ideal. 

 Top Caves to Visit in New Hampshire

The Top Caves to Visit in New Hampshire

The main downside of the caves in the state is that the granite is coarse, and one needs to do a lot of crawling around on your knees and hands. However, there are some caves where you will get stand-up chambers, and there is no need to crawl around.

Let us now check out the list of the top caves in the state – 

  • Batcheller’s Cave
  • Lost River Reservation
  • Polar Caves
  • Ruggles Mine
  • Bear Cave
  • America’s Stonehenge
  • Flume Gorge
  • Chuckster’s
  • Soleil’s Salt Cave
  • Campton Falls
  • Glacial Caves

Which one of these caves would you like to visit?

USA Cave list

Let’s break this down a bit into broad categories to get a clear idea of what one can expect when you come to any of these caves. 

Best Caves in New Hampshire

We will now have a close look at some of the best caves in New Hampshire. 

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Ice Caves in New Hampshire

What are ice caves? Caves can form in ice when the snow melts and collects into a small hole. Caves usually remain undiscovered until they break through to the surface where you will see stalagmites or stalactites.

The cave walls are freeze-dried, which is why these caves only exist for about five years before disappearing again with another winter season. Caves in New Hampshire can be found on the slopes of Mt. Washington, Franconia Notch, or off Route 16 in Lincoln near Cannon Mountain Resort.

There are a few ice caves in the state which deserve mention here. 

 Polar Caves

The Polar Caves refers to a set of caves located in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire. In the last ice age, the caves were formed from granite boulders, and they are so named because the deepest cave is so cold that it can allow snow to accumulate till summer.

These caves are a top-rated tourist destination. All the caves are well-marked, well lighted and it’s easy to explore the caves using stairs and walkways. The caves remain naturally cool during the summer months. 

Glacial Caves

Located just below the Loon Peak Summit, the glacial caves were formed by granite boulders that were deposited during the last ice age. The Loon Peak area is popular with the kids, and as they love to scramble under the jumble of granite masses.

If the weather is bad, it becomes challenging to navigate the rocks, forcing a temporary closure of the caves. If the weather is wet, you need to check with the local authorities about the status of the caves. 

Ice Caves in New Hampshire

Salt Caves in New Hampshire

Halotherapy is widespread throughout the US, and it has caught on in the state of New Hampshire as well. Many fantastic salt caves in the state impart therapeutic benefits, and these caves are an excellent place to sit back and relax. 

Bien Soigne

You must have heard of the many benefits of Halotherapy, and if you are still not convinced, then one visit to this New Hampshire salt cave will change your perception for good. The salt cave has been filled with 18 tons of Himalayan Salt as these have anti-inflammatory properties.

The salt caves are an ideal place for people who have breathing problems or asthma. Each session in this place lasts for 45 min, and since the cave can accommodate 12 people, you can come here with your friends or family members.

Soleil’s Salt Cave

This place is a must-visit If you are looking to have a calm healing moment in the middle of all the uncertainties in life today. The salt cave uses natural Himalayan salt, and the staff members are amiable and professional in their approach. If you are coming here with your friends or family members, it is better to book the large salt room for an authentic, relaxing experience. 

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Crystal Caves in New Hampshire

Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves

Located in North Woodstock, these caves provide welcome relief on a hot summer day. The granite here has been chiseled by Mother Nature herself for 300 million years! It is a self-guided tour that will take you through the caverns, gorges, and waterfall that will leave you in awe of the great forces that we see in Nature.

Crystal Caves in New Hampshire

There are 11 boulder caves and waterfalls that include 35-ft Paradise Falls. There are a whopping 1000 stairs along a mile-long route; so, everyone should wear comfortable but sturdy footwear. 

As you can tell, the state of New Hampshire has a lot of caves to explore. Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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