Interesting Facts About Bats: Awesome Creatures of the Night

Bats are one of the most misunderstood animals in our world, with bats being seen as evil creatures and carriers of disease. This is not true. Bat facts: bats are amazing animals that play an important role in many ecosystems around the world. Here are some facts about bats which will hopefully change your mind! Interesting Bat Facts Contrary to […]

All You Could Want to Know about Stonefish

Stonefish are a type of fish that live in the waters near Australia and Papua New Guinea. Stonefish can be found on the bottom of reefs, but will also come up to feed at night. They are the most venomous fish known. Stonefish have one of the most painful venomous stings in the world because their spines contain neurotoxins, which […]

The Best Caves for Adventure Seekers with a Disability

Do you enjoy caving but have a physical disability? If so, this post is for you! We will provide the list of accessible caves for disability friends in North America. Most of them are near major cities and offer easy access to fresh air and beautiful views! There are numerous caves around the world that the outside world can access, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cave Safety Tips

Cave Safety tips are important for anyone who is even thinking about going caving – or spelunking. You have to know what you might encounter, and how you can handle each situation so you make it back alive and unhurt. While there are actual professionals who do this, most of us see it as a pastime sport. We aren’t doing […]

All About Flowstone and How Flowstone is Formed

I love going into different caves, whether on my own or part of a tour, and looking at all of the incredible natural formations. Stalactites, Stalagmites, Cave Bacon, and more! I just had to learn how flowstone is formed! Just like all the other cave formations, Flowstone is made up of different minerals such as calcite and carbonate minerals! It […]

How is Cave Coral Formed?

How is Cave Coral Formed? Cave Coral? Isn’t coral something you normally find in the water? Well, cave formations are generally formed when an acid reacts to limestone, or the rocks contain over 80% calcium carbonate. The formations normally grow on the ceiling, walls, and floors of the cave and are sometimes influenced by humidity, airflow, and temperature. The more […]

How are Cave Soda Straws Formed?

Cave Soda Straws And How They Are Formed For those fascinated with caves, we are sure you have come in contact with the term cave straws. They are a speleothem that is formed in the shape of a hollow mineral cylindrical tube. Hence, the name straw. Many people also refer to them as tubular stalactites. Soda straws generally grow in […]

How is Cave Bacon Formed?

Are there any bacon lovers in the house that get super excited whenever the word “bacon” is mentioned? I mean, we all know that it is the candy of meats, right? Well, if you are that person, we can tell you will fall in love with caves and their Cave Bacon formations. Nature knows how to tempt, test, and treat […]