Caves by State
The Ultimate List of Caves in America

The Ultimate List of Caves in America

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Did you know that the United States has over 45,000 caves and caverns? That is a lot of places to explore! This list of caves in America provides some suggestions for where to go if you want to explore America’s natural beauty.

The Ultimate List of Caves in America

If you are looking for adventure and seclusion, try exploring one of the many caves in North Dakota. There are more than 60 known caves in this state alone. If you prefer living things instead of empty space, then head south and check out some Texas caves where there are bats flying around and fish swimming through subterranean rivers. If you are near the Rockies, then take a look at Colorado for its limestone caves.

Just click on the state to see the list of caves there:

The Ultimate List of Caves in America

There is no shortage of places to explore in America! Whether it be deep inside Texas or climbing around New York, there’s always something new to see and experience.

What kind of caves are we talking about?

Limestone caves

These are caves that formed by the dissolution of limestone. They are primarily found in the eastern quarter of the United States and southern Canada

Karst caves

These formed from soluble rocks such as gypsum, which dissolved into a base rock like sandstone during rainstorms or snowmelt. These types of caves can be very large with features like stalactites and stalagmites.

Rock caves

These are formed as a result of weathering and erosion, where the softer rock is worn away by wind or water to create roofless openings in the earth. These types of caves are often found in the Great Lakes region and the Southwestern United States.

Lava tubes

This type of cave forms when lava cools enough that it begins to harden. The ceiling may never form and the roof is often at a much lower level than the ground surface outside of the tube.

Crystal Caves

These are caves that form in a type of limestone called tufa, which is porous and has an irregular surface.

Salt Caves

These are formed when an ancient sea dries up. It results in a layer of salt over the ground and can create cavities by sucking water from the soil

Ice Caves

These form on glaciers, due to constant freezing and thawing cycles. The caves are generally not very large but ice sculptures often decorate their walls.

Bat Caves

These are caves that house populations of bats.

Water Caves in Kentucky

Water Caves

These are caves that form underwater. They can be found in the ocean, lakes, and even rivers

Natural Caves

These are caves that were formed by natural processes. They can be found in limestone, sandstone, granite, and other types of rock

Wild Caves

These are caves that have not been explored and remain largely unknown.

Mining Caves

These caves are formed when a mineral deposit like gold, silver, or iron is found and mined.

And let’s not forget:


These are a type of cave with large spacious rooms. These types of caves often have formations like stalactites, stalagmites, or columns!

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How big are these caves?

There’s no one answer for this question- some of them can be small enough that you could explore them in an hour, while others might take days or even months to explore.

While our state lists do not include all 45,000 caves, they do pick the best available to visit caves of each state – giving you a fantastic starting place for spelunking where ever you roam.

Let’s get started!

List of all states alphabetically: Just click on the state to go to the list of caves in that state

There – that list should help you get started! Let’s share a few things before you go caving:

Cave safety tips…

Formations to find…

Cave Wildlife…

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