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The Best List of Caves in New Jersey

The Best List of Caves in New Jersey

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Caves in New Jersey? Caves are some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. They have been formed over thousands of years by water running through limestone and other rock formations, creating amazing stalactites and stalagmites.

The Best List of Caves in New Jersey

Some caves are also home to unique species that live nowhere else on Earth! Check out this list for all your cave exploring needs in New Jersey:

The Best List of Caves in New Jersey

New Jersey has many natural wonders in its kitty that tourists and locals can take advantage of, such as beaches, tulips farms, and a literal volcano. But “are there caves in New Jersey?” Contrary to some people’s belief, there is no better way to experience the state than visit one of the natural caves.

Each cave has its history and adventurous opportunities that will evoke interest in both amateurs and experienced spelunkers. Most of the caves are in or near New Jersey; so, accessing the caves from the city is not difficult. 

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The Top Caves to Visit in New Jersey

You will not get huge glacial caverns in New Jersey, but it is home to many caves hidden away in different parts of the state. Some of these caves are easily accessible, while some of these caves can be pretty adventurous.

So, whichever way you look at the scenario, there is a cave to suit every taste. Here are the top caves of New Jersey – 

  • Crooked Swamp Cave
  • Caves at Jenny Jump State Forest
  • Sybil’s Cave Park
  • Sterling Hill Mine
  • Fairy Hole Cave
  • Marble Ice Cave

The caves are an excellent choice for those who want to escape the brutal summer heat as these places are much cooler than the surrounding areas. You might even need a sweatshirt to keep yourself warm! But how do you find out which caves from this list are ideal for you?

USA Cave list

Let’s break this down a bit into different groups for a better understanding of these underground wonders. 

Best Caves in New Jersey

The article will focus on the best caves in the state that you should visit whenever you are here. 

Salt Caves in New Jersey

What exactly is a salt cave? Salt caves are formed when saltwater seeps through the ground, dissolves calcium carbonate, and leaves behind a crust of solid sodium chloride crystals.

Why do people like to visit them?

These underground caves have a lot of benefits to offer. They are high in minerals, low in dust, and do not get as humid or hot as the outside air. Salt mines can be found all over New Jersey; however, these two salt caves are some of the best places to visit if you are looking for salt therapy in New Jersey. You cannot go wrong with these world-class salt caves. 


The Salt Cavern

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Halo Wellness Center

Both tourists and locals highly recommend the place. You can experience the benefits of the infrared spa right here in Evesham. Their mode of treatment and spa programs are different from others, and this is what makes them so appealing. If you are a local, you can come here regularly for salt therapies and various other treatments.

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Crystal Caves in New Jersey

What makes a cave a crystal cave?

A crystal cave is a type of karst cave. The formations inside the caves are composed of the same minerals that make up their walls and ceilings.

Marble Ice Cave, Phillipsburg

Located along the Warren-Highland trail, this cave is the perfect choice for a natural explorer. The journey to the site includes a hike which is suitable for all skill levels, and en route, one can enjoy the views of the river, the lush green terrain and will also have ample opportunities for birdwatching.

When you reach the site, you will be surprised by the uncommonly formed geology of the area. On the chiller days, you will be able to witness the crystal-like ice formations from which the cave got its name. The trek to the Marble Cave and the beautiful ice formations inside the cave will make your afternoon memorable. 

Sterling Hill Mine

Named after the mining operation that began at the site in the 1630s, when it was mistakenly thought to be a copper deposit, this underground mine still has much to offer visitors today. The tour begins at the surface level with an introductory video about the history of Sterling Hill Mining. The tour then continues to the depths of the mine. 

tal Caves in New Jersey

You will be able to experience first-hand what it was like for miners who worked in this challenging environment. You can see how they excavated and cut through layers of rock and explore dark corridors where miners once worked. It is now referred to as the Sterling Hill Mine Tour & Museum of Fluorescence.

Caves in New Jersey with pool 

Fairy Hole Cave 

The Fairy Hole Cave is a crucial feature of the Ghost Lake and the Jenny Jump State Forest. The cave excavation led to the discovery of Lenape artifacts and bones from 23 mammal species, including the now extinct Giant Beaver.

The full hike to and from the cave is around 6 miles long and features beautiful lakes and views.  The Fairy Hole Cave is a great location for exploring, birdwatching and camping.

Caves in New Jersey with pool

As you can see, the small state of New Jersey has some pretty great offerings to cave lovers! Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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