The Best List of Caves in Arkansas

The Best List of Caves in Arkansas

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Arkansas has a lot of caves, and it can be difficult to choose which ones to visit. Caves are so much fun! The twisty passages, the unique rock formations, the beautiful stalagmites, and stalactites… Caves are great for exploring with friends or family members.

The Best List of Caves in Arkansas

Wondering if there are any caves in Arkansas? Get ready to be impressed! Arkansas is home to so many cool caves, just waiting to be explored. If you’re looking for a reason to visit Arkansas, why not add cave exploration to the top of your list? You and the family can easily spend days searching out famous caves, hidden caves, and more! Who knew that these many caves were waiting to be searched?!

Caves in Arkansas

The best way to get prepared for cave exploration is to make sure that you have the proper gear. Have lights, snacks, good hiking shoes, and a way to communicate with someone so that they know where to look in case you need any type of help.

List of Caves in Arkansas

Once you see this big list of caves that are in the state of Arkansas, you’re going to be lacing up your hiking boots, ready to hit the road. These cave options are great for a day excursion or a fun weekend trip and are prime for people who love to get out and seek adventure.

Some of the caves in Arkansas include:

List of Caves in Arkansas

There are going to be other cave options in Arkansas, but these are the most popular that people tend to seek out when visiting and exploring the area. If there are other caves that deserve to be added to the list, let us know! Let’s break these caves down a bit more…

Best caves in Arkansas

The caves listed below are ones that need to be at the top of your sight-seeing list.

Abandoned Caves in Arkansas

You’ll find that most of the caves listed above are going to fall into the abandoned cave status. They all are not used for anything at the moment and are available to see, even if from a distance. It is important to note that the caves that are featured have been transformed into areas and sights for tourists, so keep that in mind when you’re traveling.

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Famous Caves in Arkansas

Most of the caves that we’ve highlighted are famous in Arkansas for various reasons! Some are large and unique while others are smaller and more quaint of a space. It all just depends on the type of cave that you’re looking for!

Onyx Cave

People say that this is one of the most beautiful caves around, and for a good reason! It’s full of beauty and uniqueness and is great to visit and easy terrain to walk about and in as well.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave

This cave is so famous because people believe that there might just be a treasure still lurking somewhere inside. Are you a treasure hunter? Who knows – you might just find a treasure in this cave!

Famous Caves in Arkansas

Free Caves in Arkansas

Are you wanting to explore a cave and not pay a fee? Who wouldn’t want that? All the caves that we’re featuring on this list do have a fee associated with them, but if you’re willing to get out and hike in the area, you just might discover a cave or two that you can search without paying a dime.

Always remember to be safe and never put yourself in a situation that could be harmful just to try and push your exploration.

Hidden Caves in Arkansas

There are caves that are hidden in Arkansas that are waiting to be explored. Don’t overlook the beauty – always be prepared to search and explore!

Cosmic Cavern

Taking a peek at the Cosmic Cavern is a must! This is often referred to as a hidden gem between the hills of Missouri and Arkansas and is so much fun to explore. While it’s not “technically” hidden any longer, it is still a sight to see.

Hobbit Caves in Arkansas

If you’re going to be in the area, you have to check out the hobbit caves that are located at the Eureka Springs Hobbit Caves. They’re quaint and cute, and you can even book a night or two to live underground and rest up as well!

obbit Caves in Arkansas

Mining Caves in Arkansas

Hoping to mine and find some treasure? While you can’t really mine any longer in the caves in Arkansas, it’s still fun to think about planning a visit to see and explore an old mining cave.

Blanchard Springs Caverns

Arrive early as this cave gets busy with tourists and locals. It’s well lit and easy to find, and it’s quite fun to be inside an old mining cave. Bring your flashlights and pack a coat as it can get quite chilly!

Drive through Caves in Arkansas

If you’re looking for caves that you can rest and sit in your car in, you’re not going to find much of that, if any at all, in the state of Arkansas. The caves mentioned above are open and allow tourists but you do have to get out and explore on foot.

Wild Caves in Arkansas

All of the caves that we’ve referenced up to this point are caves that were once considered wild but are now homes to thousands of daily visitors each and every year. This doesn’t mean that wild caves no longer exist, but it does mean that if you’re wanting to find caves that are off the radar, you’re going to have to get out on foot and explore them yourself.

As you can see, the state of Arkansas has quite a few caves that are open to visit. Why not plan a trip or two and see all that you can while you’re there? Being able to explore caves in a safe and guided way makes it truly enjoyable for the whole family. You can also easily accomplish the exploration of this list of Arkansas caves, as it’s a short and very manageable list.

Wild Caves in Arkansas

Have fun checking out and comparing all the Arkansas caves. Even though they’re all caves, they’re all different and unique from one another as well!

As you can tell, the state of Arkansas has a lot of caves to explore. Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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