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Ultimate Guide to Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave, Arkansas (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave, Arkansas (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

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The Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave is a place where you can get lost in another world, and it’s just outside of Eureka Springs! The Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave is part of an amazing area that has been transformed into an enchanting fairy tale. Besides the 3 Hobbit Caves, you can see and stay in a variety of Treehouses.

Hobit aves of Eurenka Arkansas

You may find yourself feeling like you are transported to the land of the Hobbits when you visit this unique attraction. Just imagine walking through this hobbit hole with its door at your feet, stepping over the threshold, and following Gandalf down the hallways to Rivendell.

Who doesn’t love the concept of staying in a magical Hobbit Hut after either reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy or seeing the movie series? Eureka Springs Hobbit Hole is a place where you can experience the magic of Tolkien’s world right here in Eureka Springs Arkansas.

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Hobbit Caves Are Only For Adults

The Eureka Springs Hobbit Caves provide an escape from everyday life and transports you into another time, creating your own wonderful memories along the way. It is a perfect place to escape with your loved one for a little romantic getaway. I want to make it clear: This is NOT a place for kids- the facility has accommodations for 1-2 adults

Hobbit Cave Arkansas: Get Lost in a Fairy Tale

Eureka Springs is an enchanting place in Arkansas, and the Eureka Springs Treehouses and Hobbit Caves is a unique destination that can confuse many people at the first instance. Before you jump to any conclusion or think of something else, we should clarify that one would never need any spelunking equipment or experience to enjoy this place.

hobbit cave tours

It is not a cave but a unique hotel in Eureka Springs with treehouses, castles, and hobbit caves. 

History of Eureka Springs Hobbit Caves

Dawn Harden, the marketing director of Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave, revealed that her parents, Elaine and Don Harden, were once in Ireland and caught in heavy rains. They found shelter in a cave and had to spend a couple of hours there. Initially, the experience of spending time in a cave was frightening, but gradually they realized that it was a memorable and romantic experience of their lives.

They talked and laughed and even lamented that if they had found a cave when they were young, they would have cuddled up to each other. When the rains stopped, they came out of the cave, looked back, and understood how incredible the experience had been. So this is how the idea of Hobbit Caves came into being, and, today, their dreams are being taken forward gloriously by their daughter, Dawn Harden. 

Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave, Arkansas 

The idea came into being when the Harden couple had visited Ireland a long time back and fell in love with the castles and caves there. This creation aims to put the visitor in a different place or time and give them a unique experience. The place is popular with honeymooning couples, and seeing the kind of footfall they enjoy, one can safely say that the concept behind the hobbit caves has come good. 

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How Big is Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave?

It is a vast property that initially had cabins and treehouses. There is another site about 10 miles from Oak Crest, which was started out in 2007 with ten treehouses. Then the idea for castles and caves came up, and three of each was completed in 2013. So, these three wonderful Hobbit caves were designed for 1-2 adults and have the following: a Jacuzzi for 2, Fireplace and Air Conditioning (in season only ), Living Room with 50″ Flat Panel w/Cable & DVD, Kitchenette with Refrigerator, Microwave & Coffeemaker with Coffee, Bedroom with a King Bed and a bathroom with a shower for 2!

Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave Tours

We need to understand that Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave is not a natural cave but a man-made accommodation property. Since the rooms/treehouses remain occupied most of the time, tours are no longer entertained here. Since the Eureka Springs Hobbit Caves are in a private gated location, tours are not possible at any point in time. However, pictures and videos are available on the website, which can be viewed online for checking out wedding and lodging options. 

Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave Tour Prices and Discounts

No tours are available at the property as this is for accommodation purposes and not a tourist attraction. However, we will share with you the average cost to stay at the Hobbit Cave. The rent for Hobbit Caves is USD 189 per night in the high season and USD 149 per night in the low season with two nights of minimum stay thrown in. 

Is Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave Cold?

The Hobbit Cave is neither too cold nor too warm as the temperature is fully controlled inside, just as anyone would expect in a hotel or accommodation property. The Hobbit Caves are a unique mixture of charm, warmth, and a new age style that gets reflected in the hobbits-circular windows and the décor that gives a couple the feeling of being underground in a truly magical cave.  

History of Eureka Springs Hobbit Caves

What to Wear?

Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave is a relaxed and casual destination with no strict dress code in place. You can visit any part of the property in any dress that you feel comfortable in, including jeans, shorts, and tennis shoes. 

Eureka Spring Hobbit Cave Hours

The Hobbit Caves are open on all days within specified timings. 

  • Sunday to Thursday – 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Friday – 8 am to 7 pm.
  • Saturday – 9 am to 6 pm.

What to Do at Eureka Spring Hobbit Cave 

The Hobbit Cave has been established mainly to cater to the needs of newlyweds and honeymooning couples. It enjoys a beautiful location with waterfalls thrown in to accentuate the beauty of the place. You can come here to celebrate your anniversary, or maybe you are starting your life together or simply looking for a relaxing vacation. 


More to do at Eureka Spring Hobbit Cave

The Hobbit Caves are a great place to relax and spend some quality time with your loved one. However, keep in mind that it is an adult-only property; children and pets are not allowed for insurance and other similar considerations. 

The caves are the best part of this property. They have heated sidewalks and steps, and once you are inside, you will find a Jacuzzi, a two-person shower, and the main room with all the modern amenities like stone countertops and the trademark round windows. 

Download our Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave Guide (Unofficial) HERE:

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Best Time to Visit Eureka Spring Hobbit Cave

There is no good time to visit this fantastic property. One can come here at any time and enjoy some great moments with your dear one. 

How to Get to Eureka Spring Hobbit Cave 

The Hobbit Cave is approximately 2 miles out of the Historic Downtown Shopping District. All the attractions in Eureka Springs are within a 10-minute drive.

We will give you the estimated travel time to reach here from some of the major locations – 

  • Bentonville – 1 hour
  • Conway – 3.5 hours
  • Fayetteville – 1 hour
  • Fort Smith – 2 hours
  • Harrison – 1 hour

Hotels near Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave 

We know that there will never be any reason for leaving this property and moving to a different hotel, but if you need to, here are a few hotels near Hobbit Cave.

  • Stonegate Lodge
  • Super 8 by Wyndham Eureka Springs
  • Apple Blossom Inn
els near Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave 

Places To Stay Nearby

Frequently Asked Questions

**What Are the Geological Cave Formations in Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave 

Since this is not a real limestone natural cave, there are no geological formations inside the cave or nearby. 

**Is There Wildlife in Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave

It is a gated hotel property, so there is no wildlife inside except, maybe, the birds that come flying around. 

**Is Eureka Spring Hobbit Cave Haunted?

No, it is a successful hotel property with no reports of any untoward incidents or paranormal sightings, 

Visiting Eureka Spring Hobbit Cave

Do you need more information before visiting Eureka Spring Hobbit Cave? Call (479) 253 – 9493 email the property for an information packet. 

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