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Ultimate Guide to War Eagle Cavern, Arkansas (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to War Eagle Cavern, Arkansas (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

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War Eagle Cavern has a beautiful natural entrance along the shores of the famous Beaver Lake. It is suitable for all kinds of visitors and is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Ultimate Guide to War Eagle Cavern, Arkansas (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

The cavern has a special significance among the spelunkers as it is one of the oldest show caves in Arkansas and the largest in the NW Arkansas. The three stories of caverns have many unusual features like waterfalls, domes, and rimstone dams.

History of War Eagle Cavern

Eagle Cavern was open to the public in 1978, but the caves were there long ago. As per the staff members, the cave was inhabited by the Indians hundreds of years before the first settlers came to this area. The cave became the home for man War Eagle Cavern was open to the public in 1978, but the caves were there long ago.

As per the staff members, the cave was inhabited by the Indians hundreds of years before the first settlers came to this area. The cave became the home for many families during the Great Depression mainly due to the easy availability of fresh water from the underground spring flowing through the cave. 

Actually, Arkansas was hit hard by the Depression before the crash of the stock market – thanks to the flood of 1927 – it dramatically hurt entire communities and was followed up just a few years later with the drought of 1930. Add in racial tensions, the lack of higher education, high debt, declining cotton prices, and more for a total disaster.

People lost their homes – and had to do the best they could.

I Knew We Wuz Poor: Coming of Age on an Arkansas Farm in the Great Depression

History of War Eagle Cavern

This is a fantastic book that helps you and kids understand a little more about what it was like to live in this time period. You can get this amazing book HERE on Amazon.

Geological Cave Formations in War Eagle Cavern 

The unique geology of Arkansas has managed to fill the state with fascinating caves and caverns. Most of the caves in the state were formed when the ancient seabed solidified into calcite and limestone. The deposits then gradually took shape, being aided by the constant flow of water.

The caverns and the delicate yet beautiful limestone formations such as stalactites and stalagmites are a result of this process. Some of the caves are still wet and still in the process of being formed. These caves are known as ‘living caves. The War Eagle Cavern is one such cave.

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Wildlife in War Eagle Cavern 

When it comes to wildlife, War Eagle Cavern is not to be left behind. You can come across lots of insects, birds, and squirrels, but the bats make these caves so famous. The caverns are home to more than 75,000 bats. The two main species that can be found here are the eastern pipistrelle bat and the gray bat. However, the most seen bat is the eastern pipistrelle bat.

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Is War Eagle Cavern Haunted?

There have been no reports of War Eagle Cavern being haunted, and there have never been any stories or reporting of untoward incidents in the caverns. However, ghost stories abound at the famous War Eagle Mill from where the caverns get the name.

War Eagle Cavern, Arkansas

The cave has been around for an extended period, and it is assumed that the dissolution of limestone created it. The rainwater gets the CO2 from the air, percolates through the soil, and becomes a weak acid. It slowly dissolved the limestone in the bedding planes, and joints and some of these have become large enough to be called caves. The War Eagle Cavern is one such example.

How Big is War Eagle Cavern?

The War Eagle Cavern stretches for almost two miles, and it includes an underground canyon that is 100ft tall. The place is already in the record books for having the largest cave entrance in Arkansas. 

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War Eagle Cavern Tours

As we know, the War Eagle Cavern is one of the popular attractions in Arkansas. Each year as many as 30,000 people visit the facility, and an estimated 20,000 sign up for any cavern tours. These tours are highly recommended as it allows you to explore the cave under professional guidance. There are two types of tours which are offered at the caverns.

The Guided Cave Tours is approximately one-hour duration, and it follows the stream that flows throughout this cavern. The path is wide, flat, and stroller friendly, and there are only a few steps here and there. The tours are accompanied by an expert guide who will fill the visitors with information related to the geology and history of the tour.

The participants will learn about the different geological formations inside the cave, such as stalactites and stalagmites. The guide will also tell you stories about the Native Americans, the outlaws, and the squatters who have inhabited or used the cave over the centuries.

The Wild Cavern Tours are of three hours duration and ideal for the seasoned spelunkers and the more adventurous tourists. However, this tour is only available through prior reservation from mid-July to October. The selection criteria for this tour are that all participants must be above 12 years of age and should crawl and climb through at least 2 miles of rooms and passages that most people never get to see.

You are sure to get muddy on this tour, so you must wear long-sleeved shirts and lace-up shoes. A Change of clothes after the end of the tour is highly recommended.

War Eagle Cavern Tour Prices and Discounts

Entry to the War Eagle Cavern is not free; admission fees are charged and separate charges for the two tours conducted here. Here we will list the different prices that you may have to pay on visiting this attraction.

Value Passes (includes the Traditional Cavern Tours)

  • Adults: USD 27
  • Child (4 – 12): USD 19
  • Age 3 and under: FREE


  • Adults: USD 19
  • Child (4 – 12): USD 19
  • Age 3 and under: FREE


  • USD 65 per person. Minimum four people is required to conduct the tour and there is also a deposit of USD 30 per person that needs to be paid.


  • The tickets are priced at USD 6 per person.


  • The tickets are priced at USD 10 per person or included in the War Eagle Cavern Value Pass.

Is War Eagle Caverns cold?

When you are making your journey to the War Eagle Caverns, you will not feel cold. However, as soon as you reach the cavern entrance, you will feel a sudden drop in the temperature, which is great on a sunny and warm day. The temperature inside the cave is about 58 degrees F throughout the year. 


What to Wear?

We already know that there are two conducted in the War Eagle Caverns. For the Traditional Cavern Tour, the visitors are not required to wear any special clothing. The guests will be walking on paved walkways for the entire duration of the tour. Since the temperature in the cave is around 58 degrees F, a long sleeve shirt or a light jacket is recommended for people who quickly feel the chill. Special clothing is mandatory only for the Wild Cave Tours. 

War Eagle Caverns Hours

The War Eagle Caverns operates daily from mid-March to the Thanksgiving weekend. It is fully closed in December, January, and February.

  • Monday to Saturday – 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday – 10:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • The last cavern tour is at 4 pm. 
what can you do at War Eagle Caverns

What to Do at War Eagle Caverns (Beside Tours)

There are lots of things to do after the cave tour ends. You can hike the trails for some time and then come back to the cavern region for some more fun.

War Eagle Caverns Gemstone Panning

Everybody will have a lot of fun panning for semi-precious gems at the War Eagle Mining Company. You need to buy a bag in the trading post and sift through at the water sluice to find more than 20 varieties of stones, and the best part is that you can keep everything you find. The gems include Rubies, Emeralds, Topaz, and Arkansas Crystal, among others.

War Eagle Caverns Gift Shop

A trip to the caverns is incomplete without a visit to the unique gift shop in Arkansas. There is a large selection of gifts and souvenirs that would appeal to people of all ages, and you would love to take some of the items back home for your friends and families. One can choose from t-shirts, mugs, collectible knives, and jewelry.

There is a good range of toys and stuffed animals that would be of great interest to the kids. That’s not all! The gift shop also has arrangements for refreshments like specialty sodas and ice-creams.

war eagle cavern map

More to do at War Eagle Cavern

If you thought that War Eagle Cavern does not offer much in activities, you’re mistaken. The caverns provide much more than just gemstone panning and buying at the gift shop.

Lost in the Woods Maze

It is enjoyed by everyone; it has half a mile of twists and turns through which one must find his way. There is an additional task of finding five lost Indian tribes inside the maze. You can race against your friends or family members and find out who is the fastest to clear the maze.

Moonshiner’s Mystery Shack

It is the newest family attraction at the War Eagle Cavern, where you will weirdly experience gravity! You will find people walking at strange angles, water rolling uphill, and visitors appearing to grow taller! It is ideal to be confused as laws of gravity do not hold good here—a good place for the kids and young adults. 

est Time to Visit War Eagle Cavern
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Best Time to Visit War Eagle Cavern

The War Eagle Cavern remains closed from December to February every year so that no disturbance is caused to the hibernating bats. The caverns reopen in the 2nd weekend of March till the weekend after Thanksgiving. During this period, it remains open seven days a week irrespective of the weather conditions.

The temperature inside the caverns is constant at 58 degrees F, making it ideal for visiting any time of the year when it is open. However, it is advisable to avoid going there when there are heavy rains.

How to Get to War Eagle Cavern? 

The best way to get to War Eagle Cavern is to follow the directions given on the website.

  • From Eureka Springs – Highway 23 South to Highway 12/127. Turn right and follow the signs. 
  • From Rogers – Take Exit 85 and travel East on Walnut Street. At the 8th street intersection, stay straight. Watch for SCENIC HIGHWAY 12 signs through downtown Rogers. The cavern is 15 miles east of Rogers on Scenic Highway 12.
  • From Springdale – Highway 412 East to Highway 303 North. Turn left and go past War Eagle Mill to Highway 12. Turn Right and follow the signs.

Hotels Near War Eagle Cavern 

There are several hotels and motels near War Eagle Cavern which can be booked online after you have compared the different room rates. Some of the highly-rated hotels near this location would be HomeTowne Suites BentonvilleSuper 8 by Wyndham Fayetteville, and Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Rogers. 

Places To Stay Nearby

Visiting War Eagle Cavern

Are you looking for some more information? Call 479 – 789 – 2909 or email THEM for an information packet.

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