The Best List of Caves in Alaska

The Best List of Caves in Alaska

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Many people like to believe that Alaska is all about snow and ice. You will likely get a frown if you ask your friend – are there any caves in Alaska? Yes, many people are unaware that this beautiful state has many caves that are worth exploring at least once.

The Best List of Caves in Alaska

There are innumerable caves in Alaska, but the ones on the Prince of Wales Island and the surrounding areas hold great scientific value. You will come across some human bones and remains as well!

The Best List of Caves in Alaska

However, remember that a bulk of the caves here look cool from outside but are natural hazards. So, speak to your tour guide before venturing out into any of the caves. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Alaska

The caves in Prince of Wales Island deserve special mention as they are weird and magnificent at the same time. Alaska always had deep and complex caves that were never fully seen by the locals or the tourists. The ice caves are a unique feature as they come in different shapes and sizes. Below is a list of caves in Alaska that you can explore. You can plan a day trip or an excursion tour depending upon the guidelines for the cave that you want to explore.

The Top Caves to Visit in Alaska

Here are the most famous caves in Alaska – 

  • Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle Cave
  • El Capitan Cave
  • Blowing in the Wind Cave
  • Bumper Cave
  • Kushtaka Cave
  • Devil’s Canopy Cave
  • Zina Cave
  • On Your Knees Cave
  • Puffin Grotto
  • Trail Creek Caves
  • Mendenhall Ice Caves
  • Spencer Glacier
  • Root & Kennicott Glaciers
  • Juneau Ice Caves
  • Bumper Cave
  • Hole 52 Cave
  • Lawyers Cave
  • Enigma Cave
  • Nautilus Cave
  • Colander Cave
  • Otter Den Cave
  • Castner Glacier Caves
  • Matanuska Glacier Cave

These are some of the best caves that you will come across in Alaska. But if you are looking for a few specific options, then let’s break this down a bit into different sections for your convenience. 

Best Caves in Alaska

 Here are the top caves classified for your comfort!

Best Caves in Alaska

Ice Caves in Alaska

The ice caves are usually found beneath or beside the glaciers. Alaska has the highest number of glaciers in the US, so the odds of finding an ice cave here are bright. These caves are magnificent, and you will be blown away by their sheer structure, size, and beauty. 

Mendenhall Ice Caves

These are the jewels of Alaska. The 13-mile-long glacier boasts stunningly beautiful frozen caves that have a blue hue to them. Easily accessible by a 20-minute drive from Juneau, the caves can be explored without a guide but not recommended. 

Matanuska Glacier Cave

It is the most easily approachable glacier in the state. Located in the vicinity of Anchorage, one can explore the tunnels with the help of a guide. 

Spencer Glacier

It is a lake-side glacier that is close to Anchorage. Ever heard of ice-cave kayaking? Well, this is the best place for this. 

Ice Caves in Alaska

Natural Caves in Alaska

The name says it all. Here we list out the best natural caves in the state that is worth exploring!

Zina Cave

The entrance to Zina Cave is a small tunnel that is large animals to get into. It is relatively easy to get lost in this cave as there are multiple tunnels and channels. There is also a large river that runs within the cave. 

Hole 52 Cave

Hole 52 was discovered in 1998 by the scientists of Tongass National Forest. It has a series of horizontal passages and vertical pits. Many animals frequent the caves, like bears and porcupines. 

Puffin Grotto

It is a natural sea cave and is located just off Noyes Island. Puffin Grotto is popularly called a sea cave as sea waves continuously wash it. 

Natural Caves in Alaska

Limestone Caves in Alaska

There is a saying that wherever there are limestone deposits, there is a cave! 

Karst Caves

The Karst caves are a perfect example of limestone caves. The whole area is made up of limestone. Limestone better known as calcium carbonate, is a soft rock that easily dissolves in water. The Karst caves feature sinkholes and underground streams on the surface. 

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Haunted Caves in Alaska

Alaska has a fair share of haunted places and hotels, but many would say that haunted caves are not common. However, on the contrary, a few caves here are spooky, and going there even in broad daylight seems like a real challenge. We cannot promise you actual ghost sightings, but the environment and structure are weird and spooky. There are countless stories about these caves too! 

On Your Knees Cave

It is a creepy-looking cave on the Prince of Wales Island where human bones have been found in multiple instances. 

Kushtaka Cave

The entrance to this cave is itself weird as it is small and a wee bit tight. The creepiest part of this cave is that people have come across bear bones and bones of domestic dogs right at the entrance of this cave. 

Bumper Cave

Located on the Calder Mountains, this is another cave that has remains of brown bears almost everywhere!

Limestone Caves in Alaska

Deepest Caves in Alaska

Here we look at a couple of the deepest caves in Alaska. These caves are not haunted, but you will feel intimidated by the sheer size and depth of these caves once you come here. 

Devil’s Canopy Cave

Located at the North End of the Prince of Wales Island, the cave looks dense from all angles. The massive canopy of plants creates a trap-like situation, and you should be extra careful not to fall into it. 

El Capitan Cave

It is easily the largest, most dense, and deepest cave in the State of Alaska. There is a fence surrounding the cave entrance as there is a genuine risk of fall here. 

As you can tell, the state of Alaska has a lot of caves to explore. Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

Haunted Caves in Alaska

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