The Best List of Caves in Alabama

The Best List of Caves in Alabama

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Are you interested in getting out and exploring the best caves in Alabama? With over 4500 caves to choose from, it can be hard to figure out where to start. The good news is there are all types of caves that are just waiting to be explored. Whether you like bat caves, salt caves, wild caves, or just love the thought of exploring caves of the unknown, Alabama has an abundance of caves for every type of want and need.

The Best List of Caves in Alabama

Make sure that you’re prepared to explore all the various caves by packing tools, headlamps, water, snacks, and good hiking and climbing shoes for your adventure. All of these caves can be just a cave to pop in and peek at or spend time climbing in and out and all around.

Top Caves to Visit in Alabama

Below is a big list of caves in Alabama to explore. As you can see, there is no shortage of caves in the state of Alabama. It’s easy to plan a day trip, weekend trip, week-long excursion, or even a bucket list of caves to explore in Alabama! Some of the 4,500 caves to have on your list include:

  • Cathedral Caverns
  • Noccalula Falls Park
  • Sequoyah Caverns
  • Stephens Gap
  • DeSoto Caverns
  • Fern Cave
  • Sauta Cave
  • Tumbling Rock Cave
  • Rickwood Caverns
  • Russell Cave
  • Rattlesnake Saloon Cave
  • Three Caves
  • Neversink Cave
  • Crystal Cavern
  • Key Cave
  • Bangor Cave
  • Cold Springs Caverns
  • Manitou Cave
  • Shelta Cave
Top Caves to Visit in Alabama

Those are just a few of the most popular caves that you’re going to find in Alabama. But just in case you’re looking for some more specific cave options, let’s break this down a bit into sections to help you find the perfect cave options.

Best Caves in Alabama

Below you’ll find some of the top caves in Alabama to see some of the coolest caves!

Bat caves in Alabama

Bat Caves in Alabama

The name of this type of cave says it all. If you’re wanting to be “one with the bats’, ‘popping into some of the caves below will give you that chance. Bat caves will provide you with great views of various bats that live in Alabama.

Cave Springs Cave

If you’re looking for a place to spot gray bats, the view here is one that is worth the visit. During the summer months, it’s been recorded that there are over 40,000 bats in and around the cave area.

Hambrick Cave

This cave in Alabama is another popular spot to see bats. There is a current population or group in the cave that is upwards of 60,000 bats at any given time. The bats also tend to be gray bats as well.

The kicker for this cave is that you’ll have to take a boat once inside to get to view the bat area.

Cathedral Caverns

This cave not only has beautiful views once inside, but you’ll get to see a mixture of brown bats and tri-colored bats as well. There is an option to take a guided tour, and there is an entrance fee for the public.

Big caves in Alabama

Big Caves in Alabama

The bigger the cave, the more to explore! Big caves are labeled as “big” because of a few different factors. Caves that are tall and wide and deep are going to be classified as bigger caves. This basically means that there will be space and, more than likely, tunnels to explore to go back further into a cave.

DeSoto Caverns

This cave area is literally known as Alabama’s “Big Cave” and is quite vast and fun to see. While it’s actually a series of caves that you can see and explore, this isn’t the coolest part about the cave. Once you get inside, you’ll be looking at the biggest cave area that is full of the largest stalagmites and stalactites in the entire world. Quite a sight to see!

Cathedral Caverns

You’ll find that this is one of the most popular caves in the state, and it actually has the widest entrance of any cave in the world. Once inside the cave, you’ll see bats, stalagmites, and a huge open area named “Goliath.”

Caves in Alabama with Glow worms

Caves in Alabama with Glow worms

Have you ever stepped into a cave and noticed an almost neon-looking glow on the walls? If so, you’ve just experienced the viewing of glow worms in a cave. Most times these are viewed in super dark areas of the cave that let the light reflect off and almost “illuminate” the space. Glow worms are a special type of insect that will have secretion from their body (typically urine) cause the area to “glow.” While that might not sound awesome, it’s actually really unique and cool to see.

Dismals Canyons

The summer months are going to be prime time for catching a glimpse of the glow worms at Dismals Canyons, specifically the months of May-June. Just remember that you don’t want to disturb or touch anything but rather just view with your eyes.

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Haunted Caves in Alabama

Ready to add a bit of a spooky factor to your cave exploration?  If you’re looking for a way to add a scary element to your cave exploration, you just might find that some caves have some stories to tell.

In the state of Alabama, besides just a few scary stories told by locals, there are no caves that are labeled “haunted” in the area. But who knows – maybe you’ll find out that you can explore deep enough or do enough research to find a terrifying tale!

Indian Caves in Alabama

Indian Caves in Alabama

Many of the caves in Alabama date back thousands of years and have evidence that supports the fact that Native Americans lived, used, or passed through the caves during the passing years.

DeSoto Caverns

These caves were popular for many things back in the early years, and one was the fact that Native Americans used this cave as a way to live and find shelter. They also used this landmark as a place to trade for goods/services too.

The more research that you do about DeSoto Caverns, the more that you’ll find that many Indians lived and died in the area.

Russel Cave

While there is still research and thoughts happening about Russel Cave, it is said to believe that the Native Americans used this site of the cave during the cooler months of the year as a place to stay while they were hunting.

There are also discoveries of burial in the area that dates back to over 8,000 years ago.

Wild Caves in Alabama
Fort Morgan Alabama Caves

Wild Caves in Alabama

Are you thinking about exploring a cave on your own? Alabama has a lot of various wild caves that can easily be done. Just be certain to be prepared as there will be obstacles that can make climbing around and exploring caves dangerous.

Cold Springs Cavern

If you’re looking for a cool cave to explore, this might be up your alley. There is a short trail leading up to the cave and you’ll get the chance to see a couple of waterfalls, too. Those who have claimed around in the cave do mention that it is a tougher cave to explore so you need to have some experience and be trained in caving.

Bangor Cave

This cave used to be extremely popular but is really no longer that way. It’s one that can be visited, but the conditions have deteriorated in the cave, so be sure to be aware and safe.

Stephens Gap

The giant entry and the big 150 foot pit is what drives in hikers from all around. It’s a fun cave to see, take pictures of, and get in some exploration as well.

As you can tell, the state of Alabama has a lot of caves to explore. This list is just a small sampling of the 4500 caves in Alabama that are waiting to be visited and explored! Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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