Ultimate Guide to Pellerito Cave, Michigan (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to Pellerito Cave, Michigan (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

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Pellerito Cave is housed in the Domtar Mine. The cave is made from gypsum and guarantees a thrilling experience. You can bring your loved ones here so that you can enjoy a good time together. You will have loads of fun and be sure to create wonderful memories with your loved ones here.

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The cave was discovered because of the mining operations that were carried out here. Experts have opined that the percolation of water over the years has formed the cave.

History of Pellerito Cave

The Domtar Mine was formed from the consolidation of Grand Rapids Gypsum Company mines 1 and 2. The Domtar Mine is an inactivated underground gypsum mine in Walker, Michigan. The Grand Rapids Gypsum Company was established in 1860, but the mines were there even before the incorporation.

The mine is in the city of Walker, just north of the Grand River. The original mine entrances were on the north and south side of Butterworth Drive, responsible for opening the first gypsum mines.

During the mining operations in the 1970s, a small gypsum solutional cave was discovered. It was named after the man who first found it, Russell Pellerito.

In 1983 the Domtar Industries purchased the mine and re-opened the mines in 1984 as Domtar mine. The gypsum operations were sold to Georgia- Pacific, but the mine was closed in 1999, making it the last operating underground gypsum mine in Michigan.

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Geological Cave Formations

Pellerito Cave is a solutional gypsum cave, but the visitors have not reported any formations inside the cave.

Wildlife in Pellerito Cave

The cave is home to several small insects and animals that you usually find in the other caves of the region.

Is Pellerito Cave Haunted?

It is not at all haunted and is visited by a sizeable number of visitors every year.

How Big is Pellerito Cave?

The cave is a 100m long gypsum cave near Grand Rapids. The cave is 3 to 15m wide and has a height of 3m at specific points.

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Pellerito Cave Tours

The authorities do not conduct any tour of the caves.

Tour Prices and Discounts

There are no fees involved as tours are not conducted here.

Is Pellerito Cave Cold?

The temperature inside is most stable and a comfortable temperature that remains more or less constant throughout the year irrespective of how harsh the weather is outside.

What to Wear?

While visiting the caves, you can wear loose clothing but carry the essentials like sunscreen lotion, a flashlight, and non-slip footwear.

Pellerito Cave Hours

One can visit the cave any time before dusk sets in.


What to Do (Beside Tours)

After exploring the caves, you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the surrounding region or, if you have time, get in the car and visit the John Ball Zoo.

Best Time to Visit Pellerito Cave

You can visit the caves from May to October and can be accessed anytime from dawn to dusk.

How to Get to Pellerito Cave

If you want to get to the cave or come from the John Ball Zoo area, you need to go south on the valley and then west on Butterworth. Then you will go under 196, and the parking area for will be on your left side.

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Provide a safe bat habitat!

Hotels Nearby

There are many hotels in Walker, but some are a bit too far from Pellerito Cave. The most notable accommodation option would be Holiday Inn Grand Rapids.

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Visiting Pellerito Cave

Do you need more information before visiting? Contact details are not readily available, but you can search the internet or ask the locals for more information.

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