The Best List of Caves in Virginia

The Best List of Caves in Virginia

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Caves in Virginia? Virginia has many natural wonders, but did you know that you can explore a whole new world among the mountains? We are not talking about the mind-blowing views that you get from the top, but we are talking about the beautiful world underneath.

The Best List of Caves in Virginia

Yes, you guessed it right. Virginia has some of the most impressive caves in the country. You can explore the caves any time of the year as the temperature is always within a comfortable range.  

The Top Caves to Visit in Virginia

The best part about the caves in Virginia is that it is always 55 degrees F within the caves below the ground, no matter the temperature outside. Since most of the caves are open throughout the year, exploring them is not dependent on any season. Some of the caves even offer additional activities apart from the cave tours.

The best caves of Virginia are –

  • Bull Thistle Cave
  • The Caverns at Natural Bridge
  • Clarks Cave
  • Dixie Caverns
  • Endless Caverns
  • Gap Cave
  • Grand Caverns
  • Indian Jim’s Cave
  • Luray Caverns
  • Melrose Caverns
  • Natural Tunnel
  • Ogdens Cave
  • Shenandoah Caverns
  • Skyine Caverns
  • Stay High Cave
  • Unthanks Cave

Well, that’s a lot of caves to cover for any individual! Let’s break this down a bit and classify them under different headings. It will help you understand the type of cave, the level of experience required, and whether that cave would be of any interest to them. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Virginia

The Best Caves in Virginia

Here’s a detailed look into some of the best caves of the state. 

Sand Caves in Virginia

Most people are unaware that Virginia has a massive and beautiful sand cave. The cave is a natural gem of the state, and if you haven’t photographed it yet, you surely have missed something. 

Sand Cave, Cumberland Gap National Park

The hike to Sand Cave in Ewing is one of those hikes that will remain etched in your memory for a long time. The sand cave, on its part, has an interesting history.

It was a massive rock at one point in time but wind-eroded the sandstone to create the 250 ft wide Sand Cave over the years. When you are inside the cave, you will be greeted with acres of soft sand – the kind that you would come across on beaches.          

Sand Caves in Virginia

Bat Caves in Virginia

Bats are widespread in the state, and the caves in the mountainsides are a perfect home for them. 

Endless Caverns

The Endless Caverns is a 5.5-mile-long cave system, and bats can be found in large numbers here. The most type of bats that are found here are the little brown bats. The cave was discovered in 1879, and it continues to be explored till today. It has been classified as a ‘living cave,’ meaning that steady water drips are still carving it out. 

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Caverns at Natural Bridge

The Caverns at Natural Bridge were opened to the public in 1977, and these caves are home to two important species – Natural Bridge Cave Beetle and Natural Bridge Isopod. These caverns were infamous at one point as people complained of strange noises, which led many people to believe that the caves were haunted.

However, that notion has changed as more people have regularly visited these caves and saw bats in this cave. 

Salt Caves in Virginia

Himalayan Salt is highly revered these days as this substance is widely popular for its healing benefits. 

Bat Caves in Virginia

Williamsburg Salt Cave

Located in Old Colony Lane, the Williamsburg Salt Cave is a holistic gem. When you enter the cave, you step into a world of tranquility. More than 15 tons of therapeutic salt have been imported from Poland and the Himalayas to create an environment rich in minerals. The temperature remains at a constant 75 degrees F inside the cave.

The 45 min therapy session is the most relaxing that you will ever experience with soft music and mood lighting as your companion. 

Londons Salt Spa

The therapeutic Salt Cave boasts of salt from the Himalayan Mountains and Poland. People come here for relaxation and massage. The staff members are amiable, and they will answer all queries. You will learn about the many benefits of salt caves and the kind of therapies that the center offers. 


Natural Caves in Virginia

Luray Caverns

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the cave was first discovered in 1878. The water that streams down from the cave’s roof carries limestone and has led to the formation of stalagmites and stalactites over the years. The most notable attraction here is the Great Stalacpipe Organ, the largest musical instrument in the world. People who have visited the cave have opined that there are enough stalactites of varying sizes to create a full musical scale! 

Salt Caves in Virginia

Shenandoah Caverns

Located in Quicksburg, the Shenandoah Caverns is one of the most popular caverns in this part of the world. The 17 underground rooms are fully accessible, and there are a wide variety of crystalized formations in these rooms. There are loads of passageways in these caverns which are waiting to be explored.

Shenandoah Caverns are noted for their intricate and beautiful formations, such as the Capitol Dome and Rainbow Lake. Visiting these caves is easy as guided tours are available, and guests hardly need to wait for an hour for the tour. There is a graveled path inside the cave, and it is about a mile long. 

Wild Caves in Virginia

Any tourist would be perplexed to find the sheer number of caves that the state has to offer. We will bring you the best wild caves that you will come across in Virginia. 

USA Cave list

Skyline Caverns

It is a unique cave system that opened its doors to the public in 1939. It is estimated that caverns are almost 60 million years old. The unique feature of these caves is finding anthodites, an unusual form of crystal made from pure calcite. However, the area remains secured behind closed doors, and the public can access it only with the help of a tour guide. 

Gap Caverns

The Gap Caverns or Gap Cave is an excellent experience for those who are not from this region. Guided tours are conducted by park rangers from whom you will learn about the geology and history of the rock formations. The tour duration is 2 hours, and one will need to walk approximately 1.5 miles through the various rooms.

There are six entrances to the cave, and at 18.5 miles, it is among the 50 longest caves in the US. Lanterns light the passageways, and one needs to go down 183 stairs to enter the cave. The most notable attraction of Gap Caverns is the Talking Stalactite. It makes a weird sound like cricket which is produced by the falling water. 

Natural Caves in Virginia

As you can see, the small state of Virginia has some pretty great offerings to cave lovers! Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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