The Best List of Caves in Vermont

The Best List of Caves in Vermont

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Are there caves in Vermont? Vermont is a state in the North East United States primarily forested and well known for its natural landscape. The state produces large volumes of maple syrup and is home to numerous hiking trails, skiing slopes, and covered wooden bridges.

The Best List of Caves in Vermont

But are there caves in Vermont? Yes, there are many caves in the state, and any spelunker would love to visit Vermont and explore the world underneath. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Vermont

If you love adventures, you should come down here to explore every nook and corner of this great state. There are lots of caves here that are just waiting to be explored, but we will begin with a list of the most famous caves in the state – 

  • 1867 Cave
  • Aeolus Cave
  • Bear Bones Cave
  • Carbide Cave
  • Chimney Cave
  • Cliff Hole Cave
  • Donahue Sea Caves
  • Easter Cave
  • Falls Cliff Cave
  • Freedlyville Quarry
  • Johnston Cave
  • Milton Gorge & Mill Pond Caves
  • Morris Cave
  • Mt Horrid Talus Cave
  • Nickwackett Cave
  • PerServerance Cave
  • Philadelphia Cave
  • Pittsford Ice Cave
  • Purgatory Pitt
  • Tallow Cave
  • The Vermonster Cave System
  • Windy River Cave
Best Caves in Vermont

Caving in Vermont is a popular activity, but you must enter any of these caves with proper gear and equipment that should include at least three sources of light, among other things. It is wishful thinking that one will find interest in these caves, and the list of caves given above is pretty long.

So let’s break this down a bit and classify the caves as per their structure, formation, and type for the benefit of the readers. 

Best Caves in Vermont

We will now focus on the best caves in the state under each of the following categories. 

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Ice Caves in Vermont

Pittsford Ice Cave

The Pittsford Ice Cave is famous among the spelunkers as it is one of the easiest caves to explore. It is one of the best-known talus caves in the state, which was formed by giant boulders pulling away from a cliff inside a large ravine.

In winter, the ice formations look pretty, and the best part is that the cave can hold the ice well into the summer. There is also a large room inside the cave, and a ladder has been installed inside near the cave entrance to facilitate easy climbing. 

Ice Caves in Vermont

Sea Caves in Vermont

Winter in Vermont is almost picture-perfect with the backdrop of the glowing sky, setting sun, and lots of snow all around. 

Donahue Sea Caves

Winter in Vermont does not translate to staying all the time indoors and trying to keep yourself warm. It is the most preferred time to explore the frozen landscape of the state. The Donahue Sea Caves in Burlington is a must-visit attraction during winter. The sea caves, located on the northern side of the town, remain inaccessible in the warm months.

There is a short trail or, more specifically, a dirt path that starts from the frozen area of Burlington High School to the frozen banks near the lake. It is the main part that needs to be considered because if the site is not frozen at the time of your visit, you would need to kayak to the cave’s mouth. When the banks become frozen, you can walk across to the cave entrance.

The cave houses massive icicles that hang from the limestone ceilings. You will also witness icy pools inside the cave. There are relics from the past underneath the layers of ice, so it makes sense to walk carefully here. The name ‘Donahue Sea Caves is a bit misleading because Vermont is a landlocked state.

But this one is called a sea cave because around 10,000 years ago, the Champlain Sea covered this region, and it is believed that it gave to wave-formed caves like this one. 

Sea Caves in Vermont

Limestone Caves in Vermont

If you love adventure, then you love to visit Morris Caves, one of the largest caves in the state that deserves to be explored.

Morris Caves

The Morris Caves is a fantastic destination for anyone who loves thrills as a spelunker. It is a beautiful cave that has more than 1800 ft of passageways. Veteran cavers will feel at home here as making your way through the cave involves crawling on your belly and back.

This cave is not for you if you are claustrophobic, as you might get spooked by the dark. But whoever successfully explores the cave would find every effort and time spent on it fully rewarding. If you make a plan to visit this cave, you must wear a helmet and not go alone. One can easily spend around four hours exploring the cave, so pack in lots of food and supplies. 

Nickwackett Cave

The Nickwackett Cave is an old and dry cave that has no relationship to the existing water flow. There are both walking and crawling passages, and, at one point in time, it was an excellent cave for novice spelunkers. However, the cave is not gated as it is a part of the bat research project. 

USA Cave list

Salt Caves in Vermont

Salt Caves have a lot of health benefits that you cannot ignore. Thankfully, Vermont is home to several world-class salt caves. 

The Salt Cave at Purple Sage

The moment you enter the premises of Purple Sage, your feet will feel the tiny crystals of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Zero gravity lounge chairs are lining the exterior walls of the cave, where you can settle in and breathe deeply. All the sessions here start on the hour and last for 45 min. Reservations are highly recommended as the salt caves get crowded during the holidays and weekends. 

Vermont Salt Cave Spa

The Vermont Salt Cave Spa is located just a short distance away from Jay Peak. The salt cave and the Halotherapy Center is the perfect spot for rejuvenating your tired limbs. It has approximately 20,000 lb of pink salt brought from Poland, and it can be seen on the walls, floors, and ceiling.

Visitors feel comfortable in the zero gravity chairs and listen to the gentle music played while the therapy is on. The salt has more than 80 minerals that get released in the micro-climate of the cave. 

Limestone Caves in Vermont

As you can see, the small state of Vermont has some pretty great offerings to cave lovers! Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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