The Best List of Caves in Montana

The Best List of Caves in Montana

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Caves in Montana? The natural beauty of Montana is overwhelming. It has a great collection of national parks, vast mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers. But Montana is also home to some of the most impressive underground wonders.

Caves in Montana

As per records, the state has more than 300 caves and caverns, and as you enter these caves, you will feel that you have entered another universe. Unfortunately, guided tours are available only in these caves, and the rest are open for self-exploration. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Montana

Did you know that Montana has some of the best caves in this part of the country? If you have not spent time in caves before, Montana is an excellent place to start your journey.

Here are the best caves in the state – 

  • Lewis & Clark Caverns
  • Pictograph Cave
  • Tears of the Turtle Cave
  • Royce Cave
  • Bighorn Caverns
  • Big Ice Cave
  • Tears of the Turtle Cave

It is not an extensive list but to make things simpler for everybody, let’s break this down a bit into different subheadings. We will then understand the types of caves present in the state. Whatever cave you choose to explore, you must be fully prepared with proper spelunking gear, equipment, and at least two to three sources of light. 

The Best List of Caves in Montana

Best Caves in Montana

Here is a deep analysis of the best caves that the state has to offer. 

Ice Caves in Montana

Big Ice Cave

The Big Cave is in the Pryor Mountains, which are filled with caves. Visitors inside the cave will get to see the ice floor of the cave. There are no guided tours here, and you are advised to wear a jacket as the temperature can get cold. Since it is not a lighted cave, one should bring with him a couple of flashlights. The Big Ice Cave is a huge single chamber cave with a steep entrance into a vast chamber.

In winter, cold air blows into the cave, but it stays there in the summer due to the cold trap created by the rock formation. It seems that the cave works on the principle of refrigerators that we have in our households. 

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Radon Caves in Montana

Every year people from all over the US come to the Boulder-Basin in Montana for an alternative treatment perceived to be dangerous by many health experts. People sit in radon mines and breathe in air filled with radon to treat ailments like arthritis and back injuries. 

Merry Widow Health Mine

The area between Boulder and Basin has several defunct uranium mines that emit radon gas, and one of them is the Merry Widow Health Mine.

The craze about the Radon mines stems from the belief that the radon gas contains healing properties that help to cure arthritis, lupus, and asthma. Hundreds of people come to these mines every year to bask in the radon gas and drink radioactive water to improve their health. 

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Hidden Caves in Montana

If your idea of fun is climbing into deep caves, you should check out the following little-known caves in Montana. 

Tears of the Turtle Cave

Located at the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, the Tears of the Turtle Cave entrance was not discovered until 2006. One must trek 22 miles to reach the entrance. Records claim that this is the deepest limestone cave in the US. The bad news is that exploring these caves is not for amateurs.

One would require good caving experience and proper equipment to enter these caves. If you can make it to the bottom of the cave, you will have an amazing feeling of fulfillment and happiness. 

hidden caves of Montana

Pictograph Cave, Billings

Visually, the Pictograph Cave is an awesome place to spend your weekend. The prehistoric hunters who had camped in this cave left behind more than 100 rock paintings and artifacts. The walls of the cave have been decorated with black and white pigments.

People who later visited the caves painted images of horses and animals on the walls of the caves. The oldest rock art present in the cave is more than 2000 years old, but some recent ones are estimated to be around 200 to 500 years old. 


Salt Caves in Montana

Salt therapy has been in use for more than centuries. There are beautiful salt caves in Montana which you should experience at least once. 

SaltBox, Whitefish

The SaltBox dry salt therapy cave opened in 2019, and it has never looked back since then. The pharmaceutical-grade salt is first heated, crushed into minute particles, and then dispersed into the salt cave. When you relax in the cave, you will breathe in the tiny particles that penetrate the lungs and settle in your skin.

All sessions are of 45 min duration, and one gets to choose between a public session and a private room. If you are coming with friends or family members, you can rent out the entire main room. The treatment does have health benefits, but more importantly, you will be treated to a peaceful experience that you will never forget. 

Ambience Wellness Boutique

The Ambience Wellness Boutique is reputed for its dry salt therapy. If you are struggling with asthma or respiratory problems, which is common in the Montana spring weather, we suggest that you come to this wellness spa, and you will be able to take your first deep breath. The staff members are kind and have a helpful attitude. They also have monthly packages for regular clients. 

Ambience Wellness Boutique

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