The Best List of Caves in Georgia

The Best List of Caves in Georgia

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If you have some time in hand, then you should come and visit Georgia. For innumerable reasons, the state is a hotspot, and there is so much to see and do here. If you want to explore art and culture or have a keen interest in natural beauty, Georgia will not disappoint you in any of these areas. But are there any caves in Georgia?

he Top Caves to Visit in Georgia

It is hard to imagine, but Georgia boasts of more than 500 caves. Most of the caves are in the northwest region as they formed when the limestone dissolved into groundwater over the years. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Georgia

Some of the caves in Georgia would require the skills of experienced cave explorers and specialized equipment. If you are prepared accordingly, you will not have any difficulty exploring any of the caves in the state.

Some of the top caves in Georgia are – 

  • Ellison’s Cave
  • Kingston Saltpeter Cave
  • Pettyjohn’s Cave
  • Byers Cave
  • Sitton’s Cave
  • Frick’s Cave
  • Case Cave
  • Cemetery Pit Cave
  • Rusty’s Cave
  • Howard’s Waterfall Cave
  • Glory Hole Caverns
  • Climax Caverns

These are just some of the caves in Georgia. There are a lot of other caverns and caves, but they are now closed to the public. As for the list mentioned above, let’s break this down a bit and group the caves under appropriate headings for our ready reference. 

The Best Caves in Georgia

The Best Caves in Georgia

Let us take a deep look into a few of the well-known caves in the state. 

Tourist Caves in Georgia

Case Cave, Walker County

It is said that Case Cave is the starting point for all spelunkers in Georgia. The Case Cave is in Cloudland Canyon State Park and is perfect for those who enjoy rappelling.

One starts by descending almost 30 ft into a sinkhole. After entering the cave, you will get to view an underground lake and about three miles of passageways that can be explored. 

Sitton’s Cave, Cloudland Canyon State Park

Sitton’s Cave is a state-owned cave that is located in the Cloudland Canyon State Park. It is a river cave that has many interesting rock formations. The entrance portal is huge, but it narrows down to a two-foot crawl before entering a large room. Once inside the cave, you are likely to feel cold and wet. 

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Deepest Cave in Georgia

Ellison’s Cave, Walker County

It is a vast cave with a vertical extent of 1063 ft and a length of more than 64,000 ft, making it the 12th deepest cave in the US. It is one of the most famous caves in Georgia and features in almost every travel guide.

However, it is a dangerous cave and should only be explored by experienced spelunkers. If you want to explore this cave, then you must bring a good headlamp with you. 

Natural Caves in Georgia

Deepest Cave in Georgia

Pettijohn’s Cave, Walker County

It is another popular cave of Georgia that is in Walker County. There are more than six miles of passages to explore in this cave. Exploring Pettijohn’s Cave would be a messy affair as the passages in this cave vary from large enough to stand up to just a few feet high. When you are inside Pettijohn’s Cave, you will experience a truly different world. 

Hidden Caves in Georgia

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Frick’s Cave, Walker County

To preserve the endangered cave life, the Frick’s Cave remains closed to the public. However, each year, an open day is organized, and if you get a chance to visit the cave on that day, you should make full use of it.

Frick’s Cave is the richest biological cave in Georgia as it is home to several endangered species of Gray Bats and Tennessee Salamanders. The cave looks impressive from the inside, with high ceilings and streams. 

hidden Caves in Georgia

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