The Best List of Caves in Louisiana

The Best List of Caves in Louisiana

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The caves in Louisiana are some of the most famous caves in the world. They offer a glimpse into our planet’s history and are home to many different species that have been lost in other caves around the world. The caves of Louisiana range from easy excursions for beginners to challenging adventures for experienced cavers. If you’re looking for an adventure this summer, check out these caves near you!

The Best List of Caves in Louisiana

Caving can be defined as the sport of exploring caves. The US has many caves, and almost half of them are still unexplored. Exploring an unconquered cave is more thrilling than exploring a cave where thousands of people have already visited.

The Best List of Caves in Louisiana

Some of the states in the US have more than a hundred or two hundred caves, but does Louisiana have caves? It has many wetlands, farmlands, and pastures but finding a cave in Louisiana is a Herculean task. Yes, there is a well-known cave in the vicinity of Leesville and a few others, but that’s it. 

Cave exploration in Louisiana can be fun for all ages as long as the right equipment is used and provisions are taken into account while exploring caves. It’s best that you start by visiting one of the caves near Lafayette first before venturing into caves with wild animals or high risks involved.

to Visit in Louisiana

The Top Caves to Visit in Louisiana

Since there are very few cave-centric tourists in Louisiana, caving can get dangerous if proper planning is not done. You must do extensive research on the cave before you start exploring, and always remember that in all probability, you might be entering an animal’s home. So always be cautious.

Louisiana has only a handful of caves, notably –  

  • Wolf Rock Cave
  • Lafayette Salt Cave
  • Himalayan Salt cave
  • Murrell’s Cave

Different people will have various reasons to visit a particular cave. Keeping this observation in mind, let’s break this down a bit into specific categories. 

Best Caves in Louisiana

Now we will take a deep look into some of the best caves in the state.

Best Caves in Louisiana

Salt Caves in Louisiana 

Salt caves are caves that form from the erosion of rock salt deposits. The water dissolves the salt and mineral deposits to create a large body of flowing water with unique ecosystems.

If you experience the benefits of salt cave therapy, then you can visit any of the following salt caves for a rejuvenating experience. 

Lafayette Salt Cave

Many visitors have described the Lafayette Salt Cave as a beautiful space for healing and rejuvenation. If you want to soothe your body and mind, you should not look beyond this salt cave. The cave can seat eight people at a time, and each therapy lasts for about 45 minutes. 

Himalayan Salt Cave

Salt therapy has become popular all over Europe and the US. People have now understood the benefits of salt therapy and have started visiting salt caves. The Himalayan Salt Cave is one such place that offers relaxing and rejuvenating salt therapies that will help to soothe your body, mind, and soul. The place is popular among both locals and international visitors. 

Wild Caves in Louisiana

Wild Caves in Louisiana

Wild caves are caves that have not been recognized by anyone and as such, remain without government protection. They are hidden caves with no discernible landmarks or pathways to them. A person can explore these caves only after a long trek through the forest terrain, which may be exhausting for someone who is not used to walking in dense forests.

Louisiana caves have a few wild caves but they are difficult to reach.

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Murrell’s Cave

The Murrell’s Cave was one of the biggest hideouts of the famous bandit of yesteryears, John Murrell. It is a complex network of caves in the Rock Hills of Kisatchie. The caves had rooms of varying shapes and sizes. The men used the rooms to sleep in, store the stolen treasures, and keep the horses and mules.

The treasure that he hid was never found and came to be known as Murrell’s treasure. Treasure hunters have hunted the treasure for many years, but in 1942 the US Forest Department decided to dynamite the caves as many people were getting killed, lost, or injured while searching for the lost treasure. 

Public Caves in Louisiana

Public Caves in Louisiana

Public caves are caves that have been discovered and registered with government agencies. They’re caves, which you can explore as long as you take the right precautions like wearing a helmet or covering your head in case of falling rocks.

Wolf Rock Cave

The Wolf Rock Cave is the only cave in the state that the early people have used as a rock shelter. The cave dates to 1000 BC, and it is a pity that not many people are aware that Louisiana has such a wonderful cave. The archaeological findings suggest that at one time, the area had developed into a small community.

The cave is located a short distance from the parking area in Bundicks Creek. The entrance of the cave is massive and is not hard to miss. The visitors can even go inside and have a look. The cave did go far and led to a giant cavern, but since it was too dangerous for the tourists, that part was sealed off by the authorities. 

Kayaking Caves in La Jolla

As you can tell, the state of Louisiana has a lot of caves to explore. Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

La Jolla Sea Cave

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