The Best List of Caves in Kansas

The Best List of Caves in Kansas

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Ever thought about going on an adventure? Well, if you’re looking for a good time, then you’ve come to the right place. This list is filled with some of the best caves in Kansas!

The Best List of Caves in Kansas

From mountains to valleys, Kansas is filled with some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. But did you know that there are also a bunch of caves located right here?

So if you’re looking for something to do on your next vacation or weekend getaway then head over and explore these awesome locations! The list below will give you all the information about each cave and what you can expect when you’re there, so get ready for a fun adventure!

The Best List of Caves in Kansas

The extensive mining operations carried out in the 1800s and 1900s created million square feet of caves scattered throughout the metropolitan region of Kansas City. However, most of the caves were abandoned after the city saw an end to the building boom, and investors started looking for ways to use the abandoned space.

These caves had rich deposits of limestone, which was used during the building boom, but today, these mines have more than 400 businesses.

There are also massive storage food complexes, and even foot races are organized in these caves. No wonder many travel guides have described Kansas as the City of Caves. 

The Best List of Caves in Kansas

The Top Caves to Visit in Kansas

It is estimated that Kansas has more than 700 and caves, and almost 350 are in the Red Hills. Some of the cave openings are so big that a big truck can get through them, while others are so tight that it would be challenging even for an earthworm to sneak through.

However, a bulk of these caves and caverns are on private grounds and not accessible to the general public. This has helped to preserve the caves and not impact them in the wrong way.

The significant caves of the state that deserve a mention include – 

  • Horsethief Canyon
  • Horse Thief Cave
  • Faris Caves
  • Slide Cave
  • Table Mound Hiking Trail
  • Schermerhorn Cave
  • Gentry Cave
  • Havard Cave
  • Caves in Red Hills
  • Oven Cave
 Top Caves to Visit in Kansas

 Many of you would not have enough time to see every cave, but it will be sad if you miss the best ones! So for your convenience, let’s break this down a bit into different categories.

Best Caves in Kansas

We will now check out the best and must-visit caves in Kansas. 

Natural Caves in Kansas

Have you ever explored a natural cave in Kansas before? If not, then you have missed something. 

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Slide Cave

The Buffalo Track Canyon Nature Trail is a perfect trail for all who love Mother Earth. You will enjoy a walk on this trail and observe the native plants, wildlife, and vibrant geology. The Slide Cave is a part of the Nature Trail and has become a popular spot for families with kids. It is a cool-looking cave with a slide-like rock formation, and the kids love going up and down the slides. 

Oven Cave

The Buffalo Tracks Nature Trail will take you to the top of a ridge and right at the mouth of Oven Cave. There is a legend that the natives dried buffalo meat after stampeding the animals right over a cliff. As soon as you leave the Oven Cave and follow the trail, you can come to those cliffs. 

Natural Caves in Kansas

Faris Caves

It is a little-known cave area in Kansas that gives you the perfect opportunity to explore something you might not have done before. One needs to take a short trail from the parking area of Kanopolis Park that will lead you through the bush into a clearing. It will not take a long time to explore these caves, but you can spend some time looking and exploring.

There is yet another trail that will lead you to the top of the caves. The cave area is popular in summer as the area remains cooler and, in the winter, it provides a welcome relief from the extreme cold and winds. 

Salt Caves in Kansas

Kansas Salt Museum

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum is one of the wonders of the state as it showcases the natural treasure of the state – salt. Hutchinson, the site of the Salt Museum, is a destination attraction as it showcases to the world an exotic environment that has been carved from salt deposits.

In the US, Hutchinson is the only salt cave with an underground museum open to the public. Whenever people come to Kansas for spelunking, they make it a point to visit this landmark salt mine. 

Salt Caves in Kansas

Limestone Caves in Kansas

Schermerhorn Cave

Schermerhorn Cave, located within the boundaries of Schermerhorn Park, is a famous limestone cave in the region. The cave can be easily reached by a walkway from the Nature Center of the park. The spring that comes out from the cave is home to Grotto Salamander and Cave Salamander.

The cave has a large mouth, and access is open to the public, but no person is allowed beyond the point where the cave’s mouth narrows down. 

As you can tell, the state of Kansas has a lot of caves to explore. Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

Salt Caves in Kansas

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