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Ultimate Guide to Bluespring Caverns, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to Bluespring Caverns, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

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Bluespring Caverns is a beautiful cave system in Lawrence County, around 80 miles from Indianapolis. It is a Karst and river-type cave formation and contains 21 miles of mapped passages. The cave is mainly famous for having the longest known subterranean river in the US, with almost 3 miles of navigable river. 

Ultimate Guide to Bluespring Caverns, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Bluespring Caverns, Indiana 

Bluespring Caverns is a natural wonder that should not be missed. The 1-hour longboat tour allows the visitors to explore the underground and glimpse the rare blind cavefish, red-orange salamanders, and bats hanging from the high ceilings of the caves.  

How Big are Bluespring Caverns?

Bluespring Caverns has 21 miles of surveyed passageways.  

History of Bluespring Caverns

It is believed that the cave system was discovered sometime in the 19th century. Till 1913, the entrance of the cave was used as the exit point of a spring which drained into the White River. However, a dam got completed in 1913 on the White River, which led to the closure of this entrance. In 1940 a second entrance was created when a severe storm passed through the area.

There was a small pond on the farm of Colglazier, but it got vanished overnight. It became a sinkhole and eventually the present-day entrance of the cave system. Very soon, the news of the largest opening of the Bluesprings Caverns spread like wildfire, and the Colglazier family started welcoming visitors from around the world as they came over to their small farm to explore the caverns.

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George and his wife lived on the family farm and welcomed all visitors until the death of George Colglazier in the 1980s. Neither George nor his wife ever attempted to profit from these caverns. They were happy to lead their lives as farmers and allowed people to explore the caverns.

The cave is now run by Jim Richards and Blue Springs Caverns Park, a commercial enterprise that has opened the doors of the cave to the public since November 1974. Geological Cave Formations in Bluespring Caverns It is hard to swallow, but there are not many cave formations inside the Bluespring Caverns! However, there is a massive one that hangs down in the middle of the cavern tunnel.   

Wildlife in Bluespring Caverns

The caverns have several animal species, such as crayfish, salamander, beetles, and crickets. The most unique among these are the rare but sightless Northern Cavefish found in abundance in the caverns. There are a small number of bats too, but you will usually find them in winter. The frequent flooding of the cave discourages the habitation of bats throughout the year.

The humid environment inside the cave creates an ideal environment for albino and blind species. All the animal species you will find here are purely white or nearly invisible due to their translucence nature. 

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Is Bluespring Caverns Haunted?

Bluespring Caverns is one of the most visited and famous caves in Indiana and is, in no way, haunted. 

Bluespring Caverns Tours

At Bluesrping Caverns, you will get an opportunity to take a boat ride through the longest underground river in the US. The cave tours are an hour-long, and like all caves, this too has a temperature in the 50s (53 degrees F, to be precise). You might need a light jacket or a sweatshirt to keep you warm.

After entering the cave, you need to descend 400 stairs to get to the boat and climb up the same 400 stairs after the tour is over. Apart from the stairs, there is another steep ramp to get to the boat, but a handrail makes the job a lot easier. It is a pontoon-like boat and has cushions for each seat.

Taking photos during the boat tour is not prohibited, but it is hard to take any as the cave is dark. The guide will have a strong flashlight and will show you the unique features of the cave. There is nothing spooky about this tour, but young kids can get nervous because of the darkness. 

What will surprise you most about this cave is the wide variety of wildlife that you will see. There are tons of blind cavefish and frogs at almost every turn. If you are lucky, you can spot a cave salamander sitting on the wall of the cave! Cave formations are rare in this cave except for the massive formation in the middle of a tunnel. The tour will end after an hour or so. 

If you want to experience the caves differently, you can book an overnight stay. The package will allow you to experience a 4-hour tour of the caves, including bunks, a snack bar, and breakfast the following day. 


Bluespring Caverns Tour Prices and Discounts

The price of the Bluespring Caverns tour is – 

  • Adult USD 20
  • Youth USD 15 (aged 15 and under)

Is Bluespring Caverns Cold?

The Caverns has a temperature of 52 degrees throughout the year. You may need a light jacket to beat the chill. 

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What to Wear?

You need not carry any special equipment to tour the caves. Visitors are advised to carry a light jacket and wear closed-toe, non-slip shoes. You can bring a camera but do not drop it inside the cave!

Bluespring Caverns Hours

The caverns are open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. 

What is the difference between a cave and a cavern

Many times, the names are used synonymously, but this isn’t technically right. A cave is defined as any cavity in the ground that has a section that does not receive direct sunlight. A cavern is just one type of cave that is formed naturally in soluble rock and grows speleothems, the general term for cave formations like stalagmites and stalactites also cave draperies and cave popcorn. So, a cavern can rightfully be called a cave, but not all caves are caverns.

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What to Do at Bluespring Caverns (Beside Tours)

After you have completed a tour of the caverns, you can search for gems at the Myst’ry River Gemstone Mine. The prospecting station will allow you to search for beautiful stones using the mining sluice. Apart from the fun prospecting activity, the guests can take a walk through the Ruth & Emery Bolton Natural Area. It is a beautiful trail that will give you a glimpse of the natural beauty of Indiana. The trail will also take you on a tour of Indiana’s largest Karst plain sinkhole, which dives down over 90 ft. 

If you still have time in hand, visit the Colglazier Visitor Center, where you will find a vast selection of unique gifts and souvenirs. Do not forget to take home a special souvenir so that you never forget the wonderful experience of visiting the Bluespring caverns. 

Best Time to Visit Bluespring Caverns

The caves are open daily from March 16 to October 31 of every year. You can come to the cave anytime before 4 pm. Avoid the wet season as the caverns get flooded due to the underground river, and they do shut down the caves in this period. 

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How to Get to Bluespring Caverns

The Bluespring Caverns is almost eighty miles south of Indianapolis. You can map the location from here

Hotels near Bluespring Caverns

There are some decent hotels near Bluespring Caverns, and you can choose one per your budget and taste. 

Places To Stay Nearby

Visiting Bluespring Caverns 

Do you need more information before visiting Bluespring Caverns? Call (812) 279 – 9471 or message The Caverns through the form for an information packet. 

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