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Ultimate Guide to Belcher’s Cave, Massachusetts (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to Belcher’s Cave, Massachusetts (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

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When you come to Great Barrington, you will get a chance to see Belcher’s Cave, a large cave that has a narrow opening and is obscured by trees and stones. It was here in 1765 that Gill Belcher had set up his counterfeit coining and printing operation. However, he was caught seven later, imprisoned, and then executed for his misdeeds. 

Ultimate Guide to Belcher’s Cave, Massachusetts (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Belcher’s Cave, Massachusetts

Belcher’s Cave is named after the criminal and is a natural chamber that is 30 ft long and has a width of 10 ft. The cave can be visited by both locals and tourists, and the local people will be more than happy to direct you to this cave – an iconic attraction of Great Barrington. 

History of the Cave

Belcher’s Cave was the first underworld hideout of a criminal. In 1765, a man named Gill Belcher migrated from a town called Hebron in Connecticut to Great Barrington in Massachusetts. He apprenticed as a Silversmith at Hebron but was convicted of counterfeiting in Windham in 1764. He fled jail and came to Great Barrington to resume his counterfeiting operations, especially Spanish dollars.

He carried on with his operations in a cave that was behind his home. There in that workshop, he was apprehended by the New York authorities and taken to Albany. He was convicted and finally hanged in April 1773 as counterfeiting was a capital offense. That cave today is known as Belcher’s Cave.

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Geological Cave Formations in Belcher’s Cave

The cave was supposedly formed by one of the geological faults which form grottoes in the hard rocks. The portal is wide, but the passage eventually narrows. The cave is not known for any geological formations. 

Wildlife in the Cave

At one point, many small creatures and rattlesnakes frequented the area near the cave. There is a chance that you might come across a few rattlesnakes even today. So you must be careful when visiting the area.

Is Belcher’s Cave Haunted?

The cave is not haunted and is an iconic attraction in the town of Great Barrington.

How big is the Cave?

It has a length of 30 ft. 

Belcher’s Cave Tours

There are no public tours.

The cave looks like a massive opening on the hillside, and across the top of the outer entrance is a spear-like stone structure that looks like a saber. The inner room of the cave is dimly lighted through an opening in the midway of the cave and by a smaller aperture which perhaps served as a chimney, as the blackened walls seem to testify that. 

The cave is for everyone to see and explore. It is accessible for anyone who can climb a little and is not afraid of rattlesnakes. Even today, there is a high chance that one will come across one as the area was full of rattlesnakes during that time. 

Belcher’s Cave Tour Prices and Discounts

The cave is free to explore. 

Is Belcher’s Cave cold?

It is assumed that the temperature inside the cave will be slightly cooler than the outside temperature though no specific detail is available to us. 

What to Wear?

No special clothing is required as it is a straightforward cave. However, you should still wear a good pair of walking shoes and carry two to three flashlights in case you need that inside the cave. 

Belcher’s Cave Hours

It remains open 24 hours a day. 


What to do at Belcher’s Cave (Beside Tours)

There is nothing much to do here in the vicinity except explore the cave on your own. 

Best Time to Visit

The cave can be visited at any time of the day.

How to Get to Belcher’s Cave

The cave is in the town of Great Barrington in Massachusetts. It can be reached from all major towns and cities in the state. 

Hotels near Belcher’s Cave

There are no campgrounds in the area, but you can always put up in a hotel as Great Barrington boasts of great world-class hotels. 

Places To Stay Nearby

Provide a safe bat habitat
Provide a safe bat habitat!

Belcher’s Cave Fun Facts

  • A large number of rattlesnakes once haunted the cave. 
  • The entrance of the cave looks like a huge opening on the hillside. 
  • The cave was named after the infamous counterfeiter Gill Belcher who carried out his counterfeiting operations. 

 Belcher’s Cave Details 

  • Length: 30 ft
  • Time Recommended: 1 hour
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Kid-friendly: Yes
  • Dog-friendly: Yes
  • Fees: None
  • Hours: 24 hours
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Download our Belcher’s Cave Guide (Unofficial) 

Visiting the Cave

Do you need more information before visiting the cave? Call (256) 495 – 2672 or email NPS through the form for an information packet. 

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