The Best List of Caves in Oklahoma

The Best List of Caves in Oklahoma

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Caves in Oklahoma? Oklahoma is home to many of the most stunning natural wonders in the world. Caves are not usually one of them. Yet, Oklahoma has more than its fair share of caves.

The Best List of Caves in Oklahoma

Caves can be formed by a number of different processes including water erosion and lava flows. The following is a list that features some of the best caves in Oklahoma!

The Best List of Caves in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is infamous for being surprisingly warm during summer. As there is a temperature rise, people often flock to lakes and rivers to cool off. But there is another way to cool off, and that is cave exploration of spelunking.

Caving is popular in Oklahoma as, just like any other sport, it is safe and gives the person a whole new experience. Some of the famous caves in the state are within a cave trail, so carry a hand-curated trail map and make your way to the cave following the detailed directions given on the map. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Oklahoma

The Top Caves to Visit in Oklahoma

If you love cave exploration and other adventures, then you will not be too disappointed in Oklahoma. The state has some decent caves, and it will be great fun exploring them. However, before heading to the nearest cave, you must ensure that you have all the equipment in place, and you should always carry a minimum of three sources of light.

The major caves of Oklahoma are –

  • Robbers Cave State Park
  • Alabaster Caverns
  • Selman Bat Cave
  • Wagon Wheel and Crystal Caves

Although it is possible to view all these four caves in one trip, let’s break this down a bit into different groups to take an informed decision regarding which ones to see when you are here in Oklahoma. 

USA Cave list

Best Caves in Oklahoma

We will now learn a bit more about some of the best caves in the state. 

Bat Caves in Oklahoma

What are bat caves? Caves that are inundated with bats. Oklahoma is home to some of the best bat caves in the United States, which means they have a high population of bat species including Mexican Free-tailed Bats and Big Brown Bats. 

Caves generally bring with them a lot of apprehensions. There are legends galore attached to a cave and is also home to the infamous flying mammals called bats. 

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Selman Bat Cave

Millions of Mexican free-tailed bats make their way to the Selman Bat Cave every year as part of their migratory plan. The area is under the protection of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Millions of bats travel for more than 1400 miles and pour into the area, creating an incredible viewing experience for the onlookers. It is a fantastic sight, and you will regret it if you miss it. 

Bat Caves in Oklahoma

Natural Caves in Oklahoma

What are natural caves? Caves are formed during the process of erosion.

We will now cover some of the best natural caves of the state. 

Alabaster Caverns State Park

Located in Freedom, the cave is a little bit cool and damp, even in the summer months. One must wear closed-toe shoes to negotiate the narrow steps successfully. Tours are offered every day from 9 am, but the maximum number of visitors is limited to 40.

It is important to note that Alabaster Caverns is the largest gypsum cave in the world open to the public. Four wild caves ranging from 600 ft to 1300 ft are present here that helps to encourage people who are new to spelunking. 

Robbers Cave State Park

The Robbers Cave State Park is a big hit among hikers and cave enthusiasts. The cave was once home to prehistoric man, but it does not resemble a wild cave when you look closely. It seems like a big hole in the rock. The wildlife is one of the main attractions here as this cave is part of the Selman Wildlife Management Area.

The cave is about 50 ft long, and there is no requirement for a flashlight as adequate sunlight enters the cave through the opening. The part of the mountain with the Robbers Cave has loads of caves and rock formations, making it ideal for climbing. 

Natural Caves in Oklahoma

As you can tell, the state of Oklahoma has a lot of wild caves to explore. Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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