The Best List of Caves in Ohio

The Best List of Caves in Ohio

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People love to visit Ohio for its incredible natural beauty and miles of trails that give you glimpses of breathtaking waterfalls and cliffs. But, are there caves in Ohio? Yes, the state is home to around 500 caves, and the majority of limestone caves are located in Western Ohio.

The Best List of Caves in Ohio

Those keen on cave exploration would be happy to know that Ohio has plenty of wild caves. However, only a few are open to the public, and one needs to contact the private property owners. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Ohio

Ohio boasts of some underrated natural beauty that ranges from massive rock formations to underground caverns. Not everyone is a professional spelunker, but there are tons of caves across the state of Ohio that would please the outdoor activity seekers. So next time you feel like Indiana Jones, you can visit any of the following caves for a little bit of adventure. 

  • Crystal Cave
  • Mary Campbell Cave
  • Ohio Caverns
  • Olentangy Indian Caverns
  • Seneca Caverns
  • Zane Shawnee Caverns
  • Perry’s Cave
  • Old Man’s Cave
  • Ash Cave
  • Saltpetre Cave
  • Roch House
  • Kelleys Island
  • Green Island
  • Whispering Cave
  • Rockbridge State Nature Preserve
  • Rock House

We do not expect you to explore each one of these caves. As the list of caves is a bit long, let’s break this down a bit into different categories for our convenience. Please remember that although these caves are relatively safe, you must carry all necessary gear and safety equipment for your good. 

Best Caves in Ohio

Best Caves in Ohio

Let’s look at some of the best and most frequented caves of the state. 

Indian Caves in Ohio

Olentangy Indian Caverns, Delaware

History and geology come together to form an excellent mix in this cave which the Wyandotte Indians once used. The caverns came into existence millions of years ago by an underground river cutting through the solid limestone rock. The caverns have become a breathtaking natural wonder of the state.

Above the ground, one can mine for gems or even play a round of mini-golf at the Olentangy Indian Caverns. It is one of the best caves in Ohio for a family day out. 

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Salt Caves in Ohio

Salt Caves are artificial caves that act as therapy centers and are infused with salt and lined with Himalayan rock. 

Tranquility Salt Cave, Columbus

A 45-minute session of halotherapy will help you to relax your mind and rejuvenate your tired limbs. If you like your session at the cave, you can opt for the 12- session package about more detailed salt therapy. Prices for the session start from USD 35, and staff members are friendly and attentive. 

Serenity Salt Spa, Westerville

The salt cave can accommodate six people at a time. Before the 45 min therapy session, the staff will give you an orientation about the whole process and its benefits which is a good gesture. People who have respiratory issues can come back here for multiple sessions as halotherapy does help people who are troubled with breathing or respiratory problems. 

Serenity Salt Spa, Westerville

Haunted Caves in Ohio

Lewisburg Haunted Cave, Lewisburg

The Lewisburg Haunted is the most impressive spooky cave that you will ever come across in your life. Contrary to what people think, it was an actual cave before it became famous as a haunted attraction. It is scary, and there is something for every kind of scare that you can think of.

The tour is long and lasts about 45 minutes, but if you do not want to be scared or have kids with you, you can opt for the non-scary hayride on the other side of the cave. That tour will give you a fair idea of the history of the caves. 

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Christmas Caves in Ohio

Ohio has a unique Christmas attraction that is different from all other light displays that the state has. 

White Gravel Mines Christmas Cave

The Christmas Cave is a beautiful Christmas attraction that the whole family can enjoy. One has to take a short uphill walk to the cave, which is steep and can get muddy after the rains, so one must come prepared. Once inside, you can start the self-guided tour of the village of Bethlehem.

The display stretches for a mile, and it takes less than an hour to walk through it, but the actual duration depends on the time you spend observing the scenes. Along the walkway, you will come across several beautiful Christmas trees and decorations and biblical scenes that depict the birth of Christ. 

Christmas Caves in Ohio

Natural Caves in Ohio

Old Man’s Cave

The Hocking Hills State Park has several caves and cavers that have been made accessible to the public. The Old Man’s Cave is named after an actual hermit that used to live here, and guests can spend hours here exploring every nook and corner of the cave. It is around three hours away from Cleveland. 

Rock House

It is the only full cave in Hocking Hills State Park and the only one to feature Gothic-arched windows formed naturally. The central archway is beautiful and will leave you speechless. 

Ohio Caverns

At the Ohio Caverns, travelers will have to cover a distance of more than 100 ft underground through rock formations that will make you feel like you are on another planet. The temperature of the cavern remains a cool 54 degrees F throughout the year, so it would make sense to bring a jacket with you when you come here. 

Ohio Caverns

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