Caving Elbow Pads: The Ultimate Guide for Protection and Comfort

Caving is an exciting and adventurous activity that requires proper gear to ensure your safety. One essential gear for caving is elbow pads. Caving elbow pads protect your elbows from scrapes, bruises, and other injuries that may occur while crawling or climbing through tight spaces. When purchasing caving elbow pads, there are several factors to consider. The first is the […]

Cave Microorganisms: Unveiling the Secrets of Life in the Darkness

Caves are one of the most mysterious and fascinating environments on Earth. They are home to a diverse range of microorganisms that have adapted to living in complete darkness, with limited resources and extreme conditions. These microorganisms have evolved unique survival strategies that have yet to be fully understood. Understanding cave microorganisms is crucial for unlocking the secrets of life […]

Ultimate Guide to Onyx Cave, Arkansas (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

If you are looking for an activity in Arkansas that the whole family can enjoy, you must check out Onyx Cave at Eureka Springs. The visitors have been flocking to the oldest show cave in the state since it was discovered in 1893. When you come here, bring your camera to explore this unique attraction from the 19th century. The […]

Ultimate Guide to Ursa Minor, California (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ursa Minor Cave is a part of Sequoia National Park, a naturally formed system of caves in the famous Sierra Nevada region of California. It was discovered in August 2006 by explorers from the Cave Research Foundation. They widened the hole to facilitate human entry and found one of the US’s most beautiful and unique caves.  Ursa Minor Cave, California  […]

Ultimate Guide to Boulder Cave, Washington (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Boulder Cave is located east of Mt Rainier National Park. The unique feature of the cave is not the geology of the area but the Pacific Western Big-Eared bats that inhabit the cave and treat it as a hibernaculum.  Boulder Cave, Washington Protecting the hibernating bat colonies is necessary as they are essential for our environment. Keeping this in mind, […]

Ultimate Guide to Mystic Caverns, Arkansas (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Mystic Caverns is a show cave between Harrison and Jasper cities on the Arkansas Highway 7 Scenic Byway. The location is quite close to the now-defunct amusement park, Dogpatch USA. The cave has been allowed to operate commercially since the 1920s and is older than any other commercial cave in Arkansas. Since then, a lot of care has been taken […]