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Ultimate Guide to Wolf Cave, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to Wolf Cave, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

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McCormick Creek State Park is the 2nd oldest state park in Indiana, which is located at a fair distance from Bloomington. The park receives more than 600,000 visitors each year, and the top draw is the Wolf Cave. If you are new to spelunking, there is no better cave for you than this one. 

Ultimate Guide to Wolf Cave, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Wolf Cave, Indiana 

Have you ever explored Wolf Cave? It is a hidden gem in Indiana that has not received the popularity it richly deserves. Wolf Cave fits the bill perfectly for anyone looking for a less crowded cave in a remote setting.  

History of Wolf Cave 

In the upland portion of the McCormick Creek State Park, several bowl-shaped depressions were formed known as sinkholes. Sinkholes are formed when the limestone is slowly removed from under the soil. Some are small; some are large, while others are found in groups or rows. A few sinkholes contain springs and small streams that sank into the ground.

The features were formed by water’s underground movement, which dissolves the limestone bedrock and forms an intricate network of underground passageways to carry the water.  Gradually the underground streams search for lower levels leaving some of the passageways high and dry.

Wolf Cave is a perfect example of a large passageway that is dry and has come into our view due to the natural phenomenon of erosion. 

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Geological Cave Formations in Wolf Cave

This cave was formed as underground water dissolved the limestone bedrock and carved out a beautiful network of passageways. Over the years, the cave got exposed by the forces of erosion. The cave is now fully dry as the underground stream is carried has carved out lower passageways.

The cave does not boast of any eye-catching geological formations, but it is still a popular attraction in McCormick State Park. 

Wildlife in Wolf Cave 

The cave is housed within a state park famous for its excellent collection of birds. The Wolf Cave Nature Preserve’s Forest is a hotspot for wood warblers, thrushes, cerulean warblers, and tanagers. 

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Is Wolf Cave Haunted?

The McCormick Creek State Park, within which the Wolf Cave is located, is one of the most loved state parks in the Midwest. There is no report of it being haunted, and there has never been any supernatural incident here. 

How Big is the cave?

It is a relatively small and easy to explore a cave that has a length of only 82 ft.  

Map of the Wolf Cave Trail in Indiana’s McCormick’s Creek State Park

Wolf Cave Tours

There are no official tours of the cave here, but you can explore the landmark independently. It is interesting to note that McCormick Creek State Park is the 1st official state park of Indiana and is filled with history and natural beauty.

Although the park is best known for its limestone canyons and waterfalls, the real gem is the often-ignored cave housed within the park – Wolf cave.

The cave offers passageways into which you need to walk/crawl, formed thousands of years ago. Since the native Indiana wolves used to live here, the cave was named after them. The park can be spotted along with Trail # 5, and you will enjoy walking through the limestone passageway. It is a tight squeeze, no doubt, but the experience is well worth the effort.

When you take a walk through the cave, you will spot hints of the underground streams that formed the passageways. There are no official tours, but you will love the experience of exploring the cave all by yourself. 


Cave Tour Prices and Discounts

The entrance fees for the McCormick Creek State Park are as follows – 

  • In-State Entrance Fee – USD 7
  • Out of State Entrance Fee- USD 9
  • Daily Fee – USD 2
  • Golden Hoosier Passport – USD 25 

Is Wolf Cave Cold?

The cave does experience chilly temperatures in the winter. But throughout the year the temperature inside the cave remains a few notches lower than the surrounding temperature which is a common phenomenon in almost all caves. 

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 What to Wear?

One can wear anything in which they are comfortable to the Wolf Cave. However, you should buy a good pair of hiking shoes if you intend to check out the Wolf Cave hiking trails. 

Wolf Cave Hours

The cave can be accessed on all days from 7:00 in the morning to 11 pm. However, some features of the park are only open seasonally. 

What to Do at Wolf Cave (Beside Tours)

No tours are conducted at the Wolf Cave. After you have visited the cave, you can check out McCormick State Park’s other attractions, including 10 miles of hiking trails. The Nature Center has natural history exhibits, nature games, a wildlife observation room, and a full range of nature-themed activities that are offered free of charge. If you are into sports, try your luck at the tennis courts or enjoy fishing on the White River, but for this, you need to have a fishing license. 

Best Time to Visit Wolf Cave

The cave is open on all days of the year. You can come in all seasons, but it is advisable to avoid the winter as it gets very chilly, and you may not be able to experience the Wolf Cave due to the harsh weather. 

How to Get to Wolf Cave

The cave is within McCormick Creek State Park, which is 23 km west of the town of Bloomington in Owen County of Indiana. 

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Hotels near Wolf Cave

If you are looking to stay near Wolf Cave, then you will be pleased to know that McCormick Creek State Park has plenty of lodging options from which you can choose. The Canyon Inn is available throughout the year and has 76 rooms. It also has a full-service dining area.

The Park also operates Family Cabins, which are very popular as they offer your home’s comforts in a private cabin. However, you need to reserve early to get a cabin here! The Campgrounds can be your next best option, and they have both electric sites and primitive sites. The electric sites come equipped with modern-looking restrooms. 

Places To Stay Nearby

Visiting Wolf Cave

Do you need more information before visiting Wolf Cave? Call (812) 829 – 2235 for an information packet. 

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