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Ultimate Guide to Tree Root Cave, Washington (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to Tree Root Cave, Washington (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

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Tree Root Cave is located on Kalaloch Beach, just a few steps away from the Kalaloch Campground Day Use area in the Olympic National Park. The Tree of Life is a clear example of an oddity of nature, and it resulted from the stream undercutting the bluff on which the tree stands and that too by a few strong roots only. 

Ultimate Guide to Tree Root Cave, Washington (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Tree Root Cave, Washington

Many people have termed the Tree of Life and Tree Root Cave magical. There is no logical explanation for the tree not toppling over all these years. Even healthy trees fall victim to strong winds and rain, and this tree seems to have an anchor system. One must come here to witness this surreal place. 

History of Tree Root Cave

Washington State is full of natural wonders, and Tree Root Cave is one. The tree is in the Olympic National Park, and since there is no specific name for it, it has been called the Kalaloch Tree or the Tree of Life. It is a massive tree that clings to the parting coastal bluff with the help of its thick roots.

Those who come here to view the tree often return in the future, believing the tree to have fallen in between the visits. However, the tree continues to be in that position, but one can quickly notice the sag in the middle. This sag is mainly due to the heavy weight of the trunk. This sag forces people to believe that the tree can collapse anytime. 

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Geological Cave Formations in Tree Root Cave

The tree of Tree Root Cave is a Sitka spruce, which is the largest type of spruce. It is strange, but it does appear that the tree appears to be hanging by a limb. There is a mystery surrounding the tree and the phenomenon that allows the tree to hang without any chance of collapsing.

Tree Root Cave has been formed beneath this tree, making the cave easy to find and reach. It is not a place to find great geological formations, but you will get a chance to look closely at the tree roots that will blow your mind. The tree is extraordinary, and since it seems that every year would be it’s last, it makes the place all the more special.

Wildlife in Tree Root Cave

The Tree of Life is accessible at the Kalaloch campground. The Pacific shoreline is just below, and it has an abundance of exotic marine life. During low tide, one would find crabs in the tide pools and sea urchins. The sea otters can be seen floating on the submerged kelp beds, and one can occasionally spot the whales and dolphins. 

Is Tree Root Cave Haunted?

Tree Root Cave is a chief tourist attraction in Washington and has been visited by many people over the years. Every visitor is encouraged to come here and enjoy the place as it is safe to see and not haunted at all.

How Big is Tree Root Cave?

The length of Tree Root Cave is around 0.5 miles. 

tree root cave from the side

Tree Root Cave Tours

The cave can be located under the webbed roots of the Kalaloch Tree. Inside, one would find a stream falling into the cave, which flows out into the ocean. This stream washes out the soil under the roots every year. Many experts have wondered how the tree continues its growth, and the leaves tend to stay green. But unfortunately, no one has the answer to these questions. So this tree came to be known as the Tree of Life. 

Tree Root Cave Tour Prices and Discounts

It is a free attraction, and you do not need to pay anything to enter. 

Is Tree Root Cave Cold?

The temperature difference between the air inside the cave and the outside air is minimal.  

What to Wear?

You can wear beach-friendly clothes here but carry sunscreen, a pair of good walking shoes and a good camera to click all the pictures. 

Tree Root Cave Hours

One can visit the cave anytime in 24 hours. 


What to Do at Tree Root Cave (Beside Tours)

The Pacific coast is known for the sunsets, and this is an ideal place to take plenty of pictures for your Instagram. Those who love marine life can come to the shores, a haven for the sea urchins and the starfishes. The dolphins and the sea otters can also be seen on the coast from time to time. 

Best Time to Visit Tree Root Cave

The cave can be visited any time of the year. 

How to Get to Tree Root Cave

Please do not depend on the GPS to get here as it will lead to nowhere! To visit Tree Root Cave, you can visit the Kalaloch Compound and pull a bit ahead of the parking lot. There would be a trail on the left that will take you down to the beach. At the bottom, you need to turn right, and after walking for a couple of minutes, it should be on your right. The Tree of Life looks fantastic! 

The cave is around 45 min from Forks and 3.5 hours drive from Seattle. 

Provide a safe bat habitat
Provide a safe bat habitat!

Hotels near the ave

There is a campground just across the massive topiary where visitors can build a beach fire or roast s’mores. The campground remains open throughout the year, and one needs to make a reservation to stay. If camping is not your choice, you can stay at the Kalaloch Lodge. 

Places To Stay Nearby

Cave Fun Facts

  • Tree Root Cave is known for the gravity-defying tree above it that hangs on nothing but the air. 
  • The Tree of Life creates a cave of roots, and you can stand underneath it!
  • Although the tree’s roots are visible, the foliage remains very vibrant. 
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Cave Details 

  • Length: 0.5 miles
  • Time Recommended: 1 to 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Kid-friendly: Yes, but it can be challenging for them
  • Dog-friendly: Yes
  • Fees: Free
  • Hours: 24 hours 

Download our Tree Root Cave Guide (Unofficial) 

Visiting Tree Root Cave

Do you need more information before visiting the cave? Call (360) 565 – 3132 or email Tree Root Cave for an information packet. 

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