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Ultimate Guide to Four Elements Salt Cave, Massachusetts (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to Four Elements Salt Cave, Massachusetts (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

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Halotherapy Caves have been a growing trend in the US for a reasonably long time. They have become trendy as they support overall wellness and offer relief from depression, stress, and respiratory ailments. Four Elements Salt Cave is a full-service hair salon and spa that has been operational since 2006 and is now located at Westport. 

Ultimate Guide to Four Elements Salt Cave, Massachusetts (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Four Elements Salt Cave, Massachusetts

Have you ever been to a salt “cave?” It is quite a unique experience. The owners take a building and convert it into a peaceful, tranquil, holistic, healing environment. Usually, the floors are covered with coarse Himalayan salt, the walls and ceiling are painted and textured, and some hidden speakers pipe in relaxing music.

A blower of sorts may spit out salt mist when activated by the facility to put more salt into the air.

You sit in reclining chairs, often are offered a weighted blanket to cover yourself with, and relax to the music as the salty air does its thing.

You need to drink water after your session – and may cough a bit for a few hours if you had crap in your lungs. Then? You sleep like a baby.

The next day you feel amazing – almost like getting a massage! Seriously, they are worth trying out at least once. Just do your homework first to find one that may be a great fit for you. I can’t promise you, but I have felt so much better after a salt cave visit if I was congested with a cold or virus.

History of Four Elements Salt Cave

The Salon and Spa is a full-service hair salon and spa that opened its doors in 2006 but has recently moved to a new location at State Road in Westport. The spa owner, Kathy Quinlan, introduced the first Halotherapy salt cave in the region. Ms. Quinlan has said that she chose to build the salt cave under the guidance of Dr. Margaret Smiechowski, who is regarded as a leader in the Halotherapy movement in the US. 

The salt cave boasts friendly, helpful, and experienced staff members who offer one-of-a-kind services in a clean environment. The salon also offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, and beverages for all visitors. 

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Geological Cave Formations in the Cave

Like most salt caves, this is an artificial cave constructed solely to impart quality salon treatments, including halotherapy. 

Wildlife in the Cave

It is not a natural cave, so there are no wildlife species in and around this salt cave. 

Is Four Elements Salt Cave Haunted?

It is a spa and Halotherapy center and is not haunted at all. 

How Big is Four Elements Salt Cave?

This cave is not a natural but a man-made establishment where people can come for Halotherapy. The exact dimension of this center is not available to us. 

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Four Elements Salt Cave Tours

Halotherapy or salt therapy is known to have a host of benefits. Experts believe salt therapy helps attend to breathing and respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, COPD, bronchitis, etc. The therapy also helps relax the body and addresses the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Even if you are not looking to cure any health issue, spending some quality time in the salt cave is considered relaxing. 

The salt cave’s floor is made from crunchy and pink Himalayan salt. The feeling of this salt beneath your feet and between your toes is unique. Personally, I find it a little painful to walk across when barefoot – but I have both arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The cave is made from huge blocks of pink salt crystals, and these blocks were harvested within a salt mine in Pakistan in the Himalayan region. 

You will pull up a zero-gravity lounger and breathe deeply when you get inside the cave. The environment inside the cave is kept as dry as possible, and salt vapor is delivered through a unique ventilation system that ensures that each visitor has the most enjoyable and relaxing experience possible. 

The fireplace inside the cave is made from thick salt stones. A flickering light is seen playing across the cave surface, and some of the crystals are backlit to enhance the feel of the cave. On the cave ceiling, lights are hung against a dark background to make it look like the night sky. 

Visitors can choose from a wide range of therapies, including singles and couples’ massages. The atmosphere inside the Four Elements Salt Cave is different than what you will find in a traditional spa. You will be doing a 50-minute Halotherapy session in zero-gravity chairs and listening to relaxing music during the session. The Four Elements Salt Cave is a great place to meditate, experience a quiet time from your busy schedule, and reap the benefits of salt therapy. 

Four Elements Salt Cave Tour Prices and Discounts

The price of the 50-minute sessions starts from USD 45, and there is a package for a couples massage that lasts for 90 minutes. It comes at USD 375. 

Is Four Elements Salt Cave Cold?

Four Elements Salt Cave temperature is set between 68 and 72 degrees. 

What to Wear?

No special attire is needed for entering Four Elements Salt Cave. If you are coming here to treat skin problems, you should expose those areas to salt. Since shoes are not permitted inside, you must bring clean white socks. 

Four Elements Salt Cave Hours

  • Tuesday: Noon to 6 pm
  • Wed to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Sat: 8:30 am to 3 pm
  • The salt cave remains closed on Mondays and Sundays. 

What to Do at Four Elements Salt Cave (Beside Tours)

Four Elements Salt Cave is essentially a place for halotherapy sessions. People come here for various services like massage, facials, lashes and brows, hair removal, and salt therapy. There is nothing much to do here or in the Four Elements Salt Cave vicinity. 

Best Time to Visit Four Elements Salt Cave

Four Elements Salt Cave operates within the specified hours. So, one can come to the salt anytime within the said timings.  

How to Get to Four Elements Salt Cave

Four Elements is located at 632 West Road in Westport, Massachusetts. 

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Hotels near Four Elements Salt Cave

There are enough hotels in Westport from where you can drive down to Four Elements Salt Cave in a few minutes. Hampton Inn Westport and TownePlace Suites are some of the better-known hotels here. 

Places To Stay Nearby

Four Elements Salt Cave Fun Facts

  • The visitors are encouraged to give at least 48 hours’ notice for any change in appointment timings or cancelations. 
  • The staff has more than 25 years of experience. 
  • This is the only Himalayan salt cave in the region. 
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Cave Details 

Length: No details available 

  • Time Recommended: 1 to 3 hours, depending on the treatment.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Kid-friendly: Yes
  • Dog-friendly: No
  • Fees: USD 45 onwards
  • Hours: Tuesday: Noon to 6 pm
  • Wed to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Sat: 8:30 am to 3 pm

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Visiting Four Elements Salt Cave

Do you need more information before visiting the Salt Cave? Call (508) 672 – 3111 or email them for an information packet. 

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