The Best List of Caves in Mississippi

The Best List of Caves in Mississippi

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Caves in Mississippi? The state of Mississippi has many caves that are worth exploring. From the largest underground river in North America to an ancient limestone cave, there is something for everyone looking for adventure underground. In this article, we will list some of the best caves in the state and describe what each one offers visitors during their visit.

The Best List of Caves in Mississippi

Mississippi only has about 65 solution caves spread out in the entire state. This is because most of it is covered by coastal plains and unconsolidated sediments, with just a bit on top that you can actually find some decent caves there.

The western border of Mississippi was formed by the mighty Mississippi River to give people convenient access from one side or another if they needed something like fresh vegetables for their family dinner (which I’m sure no one ever wants).

Mississippi’s caves are rare and mostly found along the Vicksburg Group-Forest Hill Formation. The most common type of cave in Mississippi is one that has been formed by limestone, which can be traced back to an Oligocene period around 34 million years ago.

Only some parts of this formation have a chance at producing quality show caves, so it’s no surprise there aren’t any located within the state itself; however, many wild ones do exist that locals will tell you about if asked politely enough!

The Best List of Caves in Mississippi

The Best List of Caves in Mississippi

Mississippi is a fascinating place to visit as it boasts of beautiful beaches, glitzy casinos, Civil War Battlefields. People come here for the live music at the bars, the endless tourist attractions, and enjoy the majestic Mississippi River views. But are there any caves in Mississippi?

You will not be able to find a wide variety of caves in the state, but a few deserve a visit. Exploring any cave, big or small, is no mean task, and so you should be fully prepared with two to three sources of light and proper caving gear. 

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The Top Caves to Visit in Mississippi

There is much more to Mississippi than just award-winning state parks and mind-blowing historical architecture. The state is filled with hidden gems, including a few caves that deserve a special mention. These caves may not rank in any noteworthy travel guide, but they are worth a visit.

The most famous caves of Mississippi are – 

  • Cat’s Den Cave Preserve
  • Cave Spring
  • Pitt’s Cave

We all know that the caves are a rarity in Mississippi and so few. But, still, let’s break this down a bit into groups for our ready reference. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Mississippi

Best Caves in Mississippi

Following is a deep insight into the best caves that Mississippi has to offer. 

Natural Caves in Mississippi

What are natural caves? Natural caves are natural spaces that form because of the dissolution or the action of water. They can be found in many places all around the world and this is one example where Mother Nature has been allowed to do her thing without interference, for our enjoyment! 

The state does have a few natural caves, which are worth mentioning.

Natural Caves in Mississippi

Cat’s Den Cave Preserve 

Caves are necessary for a healthy ecosystem as they are natural hibernaculum for bats. Unfortunately, caves are rarely found in Mississippi, but the Cat’s Den Cave Preserve proves beyond doubt that caves exist. The preserve has some rare plants and animals. 

Cave Spring

The Natchez Trace Parkway has lots of exciting attractions, and Cave Springs is one of them. It is a beautiful cave, and with a trail leading up to it, it is a fantastic hike. The hike is easy as the pathway is fully paved. It is a limestone cave, and the interior has a long room and a corridor.

The cave was carved out by underground water as it dissolved a portion of the limestone. The cave is historically significant, too, as experts believe that Indians lived here as it was a good source of water and stone. 

Pitt’s Cave

Pitt’s Cave in Wayne County is a decent attraction. There are 400m of passageways, lots of rooms, and even a stream which would entice any adventure lover. However, exploring the caves is strongly discouraged nowadays as it may disturb the residents who are very vulnerable – bats.

The highly endangered tri-colored bat hibernates in the cave during winter, and to protect them, the authorities have installed gates to ward off potential cave explorers. 

Pitt’s Cave

As you can tell, the state of Mississippi has only a few caves to explore. Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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