The Best List of Caves in Indiana

The Best List of Caves in Indiana

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Caves in Indiana? Indiana is home to a large number of caves, both natural and man-made. Caves are an important part of Indiana’s history and culture, as they have provided shelter for those who needed it during the harsh winter months.

The Best List of Caves in Indiana

Caves also offer opportunities for outdoor recreation including caving, exploring, climbing, and rappelling. To help you find the best list of caves in Indiana with ease we have compiled all the information you will need to explore these amazing places!

The Best List of Caves in Indiana

Indiana is known to lots of people as the home of the Indianapolis 500, but there is another activity that this state offers – cave exploration. When you come to Indiana, you can venture into a world of caves and caverns.

Southern Indiana is home to the most amazing treasures of nature – more than 4000 caves stretching for hundreds of miles beneath the state. There are guided tours that will take you deep into the national treasure.

You will get a chance to walk alongside underground streams, discover ancient fossils, have a look at the intricate cave formations and observe the flora and fauna hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface. The tours will vary in length and according to terrain, but the majority are easy walks that the whole family can enjoy. 

The Best List of Caves in Indiana

The Top Caves to Visit in Indiana

There are numerous caves in the state, but not all are accessible. Almost all the caves in Indiana have a constant temperature of 52 degrees F, making the caves a perfect place for outing any time of the year. Some of the caves organize a deep-darkness tour for those seeking a little bit of adventure, which lets you explore the lower levels of a cavern.

Here are the top caves of Indiana – 

These are some of the best caves that you will come across in Indiana. But if you are looking for a few specific options, then let’s break this down a bit into different sections for your convenience. 

The Top Caves to Visit in Indiana

Best Caves in Indiana

Now we will take a broader look into some of the most famous caves in the state in their respective categories. 

Wild Caves in Indiana

Many hidden caves in Indiana are off the beaten path, but somehow people have left them untouched as they look beautiful if they are hidden! But there are a few wild caves you can and should visit if you are interested in spelunking. 

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Wolf Cave

The Wolf Cave, in the McCormick Creek State Park in Spencer, is on Trail # 5 at the park. Many passageways are inside the caved, which were formed when the underground water dissolved the limestone.

The underground stream still exists today, and it has managed to carve out more passageways throughout the cave, leaving the visitors to the cave spellbound. However, getting in and out of the different passageways is a tight squeeze; so you need to keep that in mind. 

Sullivan Cave

 If you are a true spelunker and enjoy exploring caves on your own, then you will enjoy visiting the Sullivan Cave. Located in Springfield, the cave is on a 28-acre property owned by a non-profit group striving to preserve the state’s karst. If you intend on visiting this cave, you will have to apply to the cave patron and comply with all the guidelines laid down by them. 

Wild Caves in Indiana

Squire Boon Caverns

Discovered in 1790 by Squire Boone, the caverns are renowned for their pristine beauty and overwhelming natural splendor. Visitors can wind down a staircase to see the fantastic streams, waterfalls, and unique formations such as the Rock of Ages. The Rock of Ages is the main attraction here and is nearly 40 million years old. 

Caves in Indiana Boat Ride

Indiana has more caves than people can even realize. One of the unique ways to see the caves of Indiana is through a guided boat tour. 

Bluespring Caverns

The underground river in the Bluespring Caverns will allow you to see the caves from the comfort of a boat. The hour-long boat ride through the caverns lets you enjoy the beauty of these majestic caves. You can enjoy the rushing river’s sounds and keep an eye for the blind cavefish and the blind cave crayfish.

Once on the ground, you can opt for the half-mile nature trail that will take you through the Bolton Natural Area and give you a chance to witness one of the giant sinkholes of Indiana. 

Caves in Indiana Boat Ride

Indiana Caverns

The Panoramic View Tours will let you explore the longest cave in Indiana. The cave system has 35 miles of a passageway and has been recognized as a carving marvel. It is a 90 min tour wherein you will descend underground to enjoy a 25-minute boat ride on the underground river.

The boat ride is thoroughly enjoyable as you get a chance to enjoy the breathtaking views and learn something about the history of the Indiana caverns. Once on the ground, the kids can take part in gemstone mining. 

Salt Caves in Indiana

Salt therapy has taken the country by storm, and it seems that Indiana is no exception. Salt caves have popped up at different places throughout the state, and each delivers a unique way to unwind. 

Bloomington Salt Cave

Are you looking for a refreshing experience in salt therapy? Just come down to Bloomington Salt Cave and enlist for one of their sessions. The rooms in the center are quiet and peaceful, and the center will play whatever music is requested. The sessions are very relaxing, and the staff ensures that you have the best possible experience. 

Salt Caves in Indiana

Indianapolis Salt Cave

A unique feature of this place is that the floor is all salt! It is a highly recommended salt cave but do bring a blanket with you as you can feel cold here. The staff is amiable, and we recommend that you go for a hand and foot detox here.

If you ever had any doubts about halotherapy, then this salt cave will help to erase all those inhibitions through their world-class relaxing sessions. 

Show Caves in Indiana

We all know that Indiana has many caves to offer, but there are a few show caves where you can sign up for public tours. These caves are safe and worth exploring, and the tours are popular as you get to see the caves from a close angle. Here are the show caves which you must check out.

Spring Mill State Park

Located in Mitchell, the Spring Mill State Park caves are beautiful and are frequented by locals and tourists throughout the year. The water flows from multiple cave springs, and the sound of the rushing water is soothing. 

Marengo Cave

The Marengo Cave is a US National Landmark that can be found in Indiana. Marengo is one of the four show caves in the entire state of Indiana. The public tours of this cave had begun way back in 1883. 

Show Caves in Indiana

Suicide Cave

The cave is located near Salem in Indiana. The cave’s name is enough to put off many people, but this cave was named after a moonshiner who had committed suicide in the caves way back in 1820. If you have never gone caving before, this place would be ideal for starting your spelunking journey. 

Wyandotte Caves

The Wyandotte Caves are the main attraction of the O’Bannon Woods State Park. The caves boast two fabulous walking tours – one for the cave explorers of all levels while the other is for a more experienced caver. The caves are also famous for their large bat population and the rare cave formations all along the way. 

As you can tell, the state of Indiana has a lot of caves to explore. Make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!

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