The Best List of Caves in Delaware

The Best List of Caves in Delaware

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Delaware is a state that really isn’t full of known caves and caverns. These caves are often hidden in Delaware’s forests, mountains, and coastal areas. With so many caves to explore it can be difficult to find the best caves for you.

The Best List of Caves in Delaware

That’s why we created this list! We go over some awesome caves in different parts of the state and highlight their features as well as how they rank on our list.

Let’s face it- Delaware isn’t a very large state. How small is it? Well, Delaware is the second smallest state in size. This may lead you to believe that caves and caverns aren’t very common here. You would be right.

While Delaware is a small state in the US (2nd smallest) and home to US President Joe Biden, it packs in a lot regarding tourist attractions. You will come across historic homes from the mid-1600s and world-class museums like Winterthur and Delaware Art Museum that need no introduction.

But the attractions in the state are not all about art, history, and culture. There are great beaches along the length of the Delaware coast, which are popular in the summer months.

But what about options for a spelunker? Are there any caves? Only one, I think? Yes, you are right. Delaware will be a disappointment for a cave explorer, but it has a cave with a rich history attached.  

The Best List of Caves in Delaware

The Top Caves to Visit in Delaware

There is only one documented cave in the US state of Delaware, and that would be the: 

  • Cave at Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site

It was only in 1958 that the cave experts officially acknowledged the cave. The cave is visible from a road in the First State National Historical Park. Just for your convenience, let’s break this down a bit into a specific category.  

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Best Caves in Delaware

Let us take a look at the only cave in the state. 

Wild Caves in Delaware

Best Caves in Delaware

Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site

The only cave in Delaware has been called by many names – Indian Cave, Wolf Rock Cave, and the Beaver Valley Rock Shelter. But its only claim to fame is that it is the only cave in the state.

Like the 2nd smallest state, the cave too. is a small one as it is only 56 ft long. There is a roof that drops quickly, so visitors will have to stop after walking only a few paces.

Studies have suggested that Native Americans used to take shelter there. The visitors will appreciate the serenity of the place and love the bird’s call, which is sometimes the only sound in the region.

The cave has been kept off the official maps for reasons of safety.  This is the only cave in Delaware and even though it’s tiny, you shouldn’t miss out on its beauty.

ild Caves in Delaware

Caves are a great way to see much of the state’s natural history up close. This will be one of your best chances for seeing something unfamiliar as caves offer an opportunity to look at different life forms than what you would see in the forests.

If you find a wild cave when out and about exploring the wilds of Delaware, please let us know!

While the state of Delaware is light on caves to explore, make certain to always be safe and prepared before entering any cave so you can make your cave experience a good one!


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